Bus Number 375 In Beijing City

The story of the night bus in Beijing is quite scary to the people around Beijing. People who believe in these mystical stories prefer alternatives to taking the bus home when it's late night.

The story is said to take place on November 14, 1995 in Beijing, China. This 375 bus departs from Yuan-ming-yuan terminal. The bus was the last one to operate that night and the route was to Xiang-shan city.

Inside the speeding bus was a driver and a female conductor. The night was cold and the wind was blowing in through the bus window. The bus stopped at the South Gate stop near Summer Palace park.

The bus door opened to welcome two passengers, one old woman and one young man. The old woman and the young man sat in a chair near the entrance.

The bus area was so quiet and secluded that no other vehicles passed by. A few minutes later the bus driver saw a shadow on the side of the road waving his hand toward the bus.

The bus stopped and three male passengers boarded. Two of the men were seen carrying a man on his shoulder. The man with his head bowed so that his face could not be seen.

They wore traditional Chinese robes of the Qing dynasty and their faces looked pale. The other passengers began to panic. The female conductor was able to calm down by saying,

"Don't be afraid ... maybe they are just actors working in the interior ... they may be so drunk that they forget to change clothes"

The old woman often turned to the back seat to see the three men. The situation was lonely. On reaching the next stop, a young man rode up.

Then the old woman got up from her chair and hit the young man in the front seat who had taken the bus with her earlier.

The woman screamed and made a fuss by accusing the young man of stealing her wallet. The young man who was furious at being accused of stealing stood up and quarreled with the old woman.

The old woman then asked the bus driver to stop at the next stop for wanting to bring the young man to a nearby police station. The youth was only able to keep quiet.

When the bus stopped at the next stop, the old woman hurriedly dragged the young man out with her.

They saw the bus return to speed on a very dull night. the old woman breathed a sigh of relief.

“Where is the police station?” The young man asked

"There is no police town," replied the old woman. "I just saved you!"

"What? Save my life? Ask the young man who looks confused.

"The three men were ghosts!" Said the old woman. "Since they came up, I've been suspicious of them. So I kept watching those sitting in the back.

The strong wind happened to sneak in through the window. The wind was blowing down their robes and I saw that they had no legs! "

The young man then looked at the old woman in disbelief but his body began to tremble. Then the old woman and the young man reported to the authorities and told them what had happened.

Police later found that the 375 bus never reached the destination. Two days later, police finally learned that the bus had sunk into Miyun's dam.

Inside the bus were three dead bodies. The body was a bus driver, a female conductor and an unidentified man.

There are three distinctions in this case. First, the bus did not have enough fuel to reach the Miyun dam, which is very far away. Police also checked the tank but it did not appear to be oil, but blood.

Second, although it was only two days after the incident was reported, however, the decomposition of the three bodies was remarkable. Third, police have also searched the entire camera mounted at each entrance to the Miyun dam, but it does not appear that 375 bus entered the area. Everything looks normal on the camera.

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