Disturbance Of Woman With Ripped Mouth In Japan

According to legend, Kuchisake Onna was a woman living in Japan during the Heian period. According to Japanese folklore, she was the wife or concubine of a samurai. However, Kuchisake is known for her arrogance. She is known to have a difficult relationship behind her husband.

Her husband, who knew Kuchisake's behavior with anger, attacked and broke Kuchisake's mouth from ear to ear. Her husband then said that she was not beautiful anymore.

According to sources, Kuchisake Onna often covered her mouth with a mask and often haunted the townspeople in the middle of the night. It is said that when she meets people on the street especially children or young men, she will ask "is she beautiful?"..

If the person in question answered “yes” then she would open the mask and ask again "is she still beautiful". Of course the victim would be very surprised and answer "no". After that, she will kill her prey with scissors, scythes, or other sharp weapons.

According to the story spread, when the victim answers that she is still beautiful, she will be happy and release him. However, other information says she would have followed her victim and killed them while they were in front of the house.

Not just men, she also made women her victims. If the prey is a female, then she will tear their mouths and if the prey is a child she will eat them.

Another story is told, when she asked the woman "is she beautiful", if the answer was "no" then she would kill the woman.

If the answer was "yes" then she would say "I will make you as beautiful as I am" then she tore her prey mouth from ear to ear.

The average survivor gives a puzzling answer such as "it is so" that she needs time to punish them and that's when her prey will be saved.

Another way to survive this horrific event is to give her the favorite yellow-yellow candy. However, she cannot eat when she relishes her pain.

The story of this ripped-up female figure began to haunt Japan in the spring and summer of 1979, when news broke about a ripped-eyed girl wearing a mask that had hunted children.

The story spread so quickly that the police increased control and the school ordered the students to return home in groups. In 2004, South Korea was disturbed by reports of women wearing red-colored masks in pursuit of children.

In 2007, authorities found some old records from the late 1970s about a woman who was chasing after little children but was hit by a car and died. Ironically, the woman's mouth seemed to tear from ear to ear.

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