Flexible Glass Making Lost In Age

There have been many discoveries dating from ancient or prehistoric times. However, many secrets have been left out so that there are some ancient tools that are still unknown as to their function and method. Therefore, it is possible that life in ancient times was far different from what we had imagined.

Humans have used glass that is naturally shaped like obsidian, since the stone age. The earliest known glass object dates back to 3000 years before AD and this beautiful Roman glass bowl dates from the 4th century AD.

Pliny, Petronius and Cassius Dio tell the story of a talented glass worker and chemist as he was able to create flexible glass. Because of his talent, he was later brought before King Tiberius Caesar between 14-37 AD.

Isidore of Seville wrote that King Tiberius took the flexible glass bowl and threw it to the floor. The bowl is bent but not broken. The chemist then repaired the cuff with a small tap and claimed that only he knew how to make the glass flexible.

Because Tiberius feared that the material would lower the price of gold and silver, the chemist was beheaded. The way of making flexible glass was finally lost in time.

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