German "Giants" Army Of The Second World War

Kurt Zehe was born on January 12, 1913 in Königsberg, East Prussia. With his "giant" body height (219 cm), he attempted to become a professional wrestler in 1935 and moved from Chemnitz to Berlin to further develop his talent.

In 1936 he fought a Polish wrestler named Leo Grabowski (210 cm tall) in Danzig, in front of 8,000 spectators.

After fighting for hours, Zehe finally won the match. In 1939 he also won a wrestling contest in Vienna, Austria.

When World War II broke out, Zehe joined the Wehrmacht army by registering himself in Küstrin. Because his body is too big, his uniform must be specially made by the tailor, complete with a stahlhelm (iron hat) and shoes.

In 1942, he weighed 192 kg. At the end of the war, he weighed only 62 kg when he was released after serving in the Soviet Union. Zehe later worked at an animal slaughter house located in the city of Berlin.

Shortly thereafter, he returned to wrestling in the ring. One of Zehe's opponents in 1947 was world champion Hans Schwarz Jr (son of Hans Schwarz). In this match, Zehe suffered defeat.

By 1949, Zehe's weight had risen to 156 kg, and by 1952 it had risen to 213.5 kg. On September 21, 1951, he was defeated by former boxing champion Primo Carnera. In 1952, he was nicknamed "Gargantua".

In addition to being a wrestler, Zehe was also known as an actor. His first film was "Robert and Bertram" in 1939. In this film, Zehe is not the main actor. He only plays the character as "Grosser Mann auf dem Rummelplatz" (a big man in a funfair). After World War II, he continued his career as an actor in several other German classic films by becoming a leading actor.

Kurt Zehe died in 1969 at the age of 55.

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