Germany's Secret Weapons Left After the War

There was one of the biggest mysteries that the Nazis left during their defeat in World War II. The organization of Adolf Hitler had many secrets even after decades of war. One of the secrets is a weapon that is said to have the ability to kill anything within 200 meters.

Die Glocke, The Bell, Nazi Wunderwaffe or wonder weapon are references to a tool, machine, or weapon that resembles a bell made of extremely large iron. It has a diameter of 2.7 meters and a height of 3.7 meters - 4.6 meters.

According to sources, Die Glocke is one of the secret experiments conducted by Nazi scientists working for the SS.

The SS was the Schutztaffel or Protector Squadron which was a Nazi security and military organization. The scientists worked in a laboratory called Der Riese (giant monster).

The existence of this secret tool or weapon was first revealed by journalists and even Polish military historian Igor Witkowski. Witkowski first described Die Glocke in his Polish-language book Prawda O Wunderwaffe (2000).

Meanwhile in Germany it was titled Die Wahrheit iiber die Wunderwaffe. But the story of Die Glocke was not widely known until it was popularized by journalist and former British aviation editor Nick Cook.

Cook wrote The Hunt for Zero Point. Then other writers like Joseph P. Farrell associate this secret weapon with anti-gravity. There are also several other writers who have mentioned that this tool is a time travel machine.

Igor Witkowski obtained information on Die Glocke after contacting a Polish secret body that had a transcript of an investigation with an employee of the SS named Jakob Sporrenberg.

In the transcript, there is a secret place called Der Riese (The Giant) in the Owl Mountains, near the Wenceslaus mine. The location of the mine is about 50 km from Wroclaw (near the Czechoslovakia border) where this tool is being tested.

Die Glocke acts as an anti-gravity trigger. The most dangerous part of this weapon when it is activated is that it will cause death to anything (human, animal, plant) within 150 meters - 200 meters.

In humans and animals, this device can freeze the blood circulatory system. 5 out of 7 scientists led by physicist Walter Gerlach died during the trial of this tool. But it is not known in detail how this happened.

According to Witkowski, the device is made up of two rotating cylinders that contain purple mercury fluid. This metallic fluid has the code name "Xerum 525" and is placed in a capsule that is about 1 meter long. It also contains Leichtmetall, thorium, and beryllium peroxides.

In addition to Die Glocke, Witkowski also presents The Henge. The Henge is a ruin, an experimental building that works for an anti-gravity project run by Die Glocke.

There is a conspiracy theory that states that this Nazi giant bell was taken by the United States. Also taken by Uncle Sam's country were German scientists.

According to Joseph P. Pharell, the secret of the Die Glocke project was that up to 60 scientists involved in its production were massacred and buried.

The story of Die Glocke was leaked to the testimony of General Jakob Sporrenberg in which he was assigned to lead the massacre.

Jakob Sporrenberg himself after the war was taken to court for the terrible crime of killing his own people and he was sentenced to death on June 12, 1952, in Warsaw.

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