Hogwarts School Exist In Real World?

A place in Spain, far from knowledge and public, there is a castle in the Valley Of The Fallen. It is also one of the most strictly prohibited places of control in the world. It can only be seen through pictures taken by the occultists in secret.

There is palace of El Escorial (Secret Center of the ORDER OF ST HUBERTUS Group), an elite group of Freemasons and Illuminiti who hold, study, practice witchcraft and magic books taken from Egypt and any other places.

Here, all kinds of ancient books and Relics, are preserved, interpreted and studied in the Ceremonies of Lucifer (Satan) and the magic of the pharaohs of Egypt and the Kabbalah Jews.

These magicians consist of Scientists, Technologists, Economists, Politicians and World Financiers, Billionaires and European Relatives.

These witches and wizards, use satan and devil to control the world in war, Science, Technology, Mastery of Media, Magic Symbols, Weather, Banks and so on.

This is Hogwarth (Harry Potter School) in real world but for a powerful VVIP world. During the Spanish Inquisition and during the Templar era, books and ancient Relics were brought to Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and the British where the Chief Templar had their own duties.

Lots of religious books on culture and teachings at the Louvre Library in Paris, Scholars Books at the London Museum and Buckingham, Torah Books, Gospels, Talmuds and Kabbalah in Vatican Italy, Magic Science and Technology Books in German, Switzerland and at El Escorial, Spain. They've influenced the world for a long time with the devil and satan, all around us.

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