Hundreds Of Strange Objects Appeared And Fought In The Skies Of Nuremberg City

On April 4, 1561, the residents of Nuremberg rushed out of their homes when mysterious lights accompanied by a loud crash were heard in the city skyline.

Residents became more panicked as the various flying objects from which they suddenly appeared and fought in the sky.

The number reached hundreds of objects and this event was witnessed by many people who live there. For UFO enthusiasts, this incident is considered one of the most important UFO sightings in history. But for those who are skeptical, they consider this event a "sun dog" phenomenon.

This event is first known from a newspaper clip dated 14 April 1561 written and documented by Hans Wolff Glaser (1500-1573). Glaser is a painter and publisher of Nuremberg.

He is known for his articles and pictures from this newspaper that depict the terrible events of April 4 that same year.

According to the newspaper, at dawn (around 4-5am), a gruesome view was visible above the skyline of Nuremberg.

Hundreds of people saw strange scenes as hundreds of objects flying in various shapes and colors such as spheres, cylinders, and other forms of light emitted and made war on the sky.

This event made it sound like a fight and an incredibly loud beat. The mysterious event took place for an hour before it suddenly disappeared and was accompanied by a heavy smoke.

In the meantime, some objects fell on the ground. Some people may interpret these objects as meteors or comets, but these events as well as the flying objects are completely different.

In his explanation, Hans Glaser said "The scary scenes filled the morning sky in the form of cylinders and balls in different colors from black, red, yellow, blue, and white all over the sky. Not long after a black spear-shaped object appeared.

Chris White once tried to explain this phenomenon by saying that this event is just Sun Dog. Sun Dog or Phantom Sun (a shadow of the sun) is an optical phenomenon that shows bright spots above the sky, sometimes in the halo around the sun.

In this phenomenon, the rays of light on the left and right of the sun are 22 degrees and at the same distance above the horizon that they can be seen anywhere and at any time of the season.

But it doesn't always look bright and glowing. At certain times the light is very bright, especially at low sun, at dawn or sunset.

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