Japanese Girl Tortured And Killed Brutally

The story actually took place in Japan in 1988. A 17-year-old girl named Furuta Junko has been abducted and raped hundreds of times. It's not enough with that, she's been torture to death. Perhaps this story has become a historical past.

As a human being, humans cannot accept any such treatment. If she had lived to this day, she would have had her own family.

The unfortunate girl was 17 when she was kidnapped by a group of men and hid in a home owned by one of the kidnappers' parents.

It all started when the girl was asked to contact her parents to say she had run away from home and was safe with a 'friend'. Their purpose is to avoid the search for this girl.

One of the criminals also tricked the owner's house saying that the girl was his girlfriend. However, when they were certain the owner would not contact the police, they stopped making such accusations.

Junko Furuta had tried several times to escape and even sought help from the owner, unfortunately they did not want to help because they were afraid of one of the kidnappers who was a yakuza. They fear that the criminals will use yakuza influence to kill anyone who interferes with their work.

What did they do to this girl while she was in the house?

FIRST DAY: November 22, 1988
- On Nov 22, she was abducted near her residence
-Kidnappers bring to the house, and forced to admit she's  a girlfriend
-Just raped 400 times.
-Had to cheat on her mom and dad saying she ran away from home
-Not being fed
-Have to eat cockroaches and drink urine
- Forced to masturbate
-Had to be naked in front of 4 men
- The body is lit with cigarette lighters

DAY 11: December 1, 1988
- The body was hit repeatedly
- Hands are tied to the roof and the body is used as a punching bag.
-Front faces pushed toward the ground floor
- The nose is filled with blood causing her to breathe through the mouth
-Dumbbells were dropped on her stomach
-When trying to escape, she is arrested again and lighters are lit on her arm
-The oil is poured on her feet, and a fire is kindled against her
-The bottle was inserted into her anus, causing serious injury

DAY 20: December 10, 1988:
-Disable to walk because of a foot injury due to burns
- Stabbed with bamboo sticks
- The fireworks are ignited in her nostrils and the fire is lit.
- Hands injured and nails crushed
-Hit with golf club
-This time, cigarettes were put in the vagina
- Beaten with an iron rod repeatedly
-When it snowed, she was forced to sit outside and sleep on the balcony

DAY 30:
-Hot wax is thrown on the face
- Eyelids burned with lighters
-Stabbed with a needle in the chest
- Left nipple is cut off with a pliers
- Hot bulbs are put in the vagina
- Bad bleeding from the vagina as it was punctured with scissors
- Can't pee properly
-Got a very serious injury that she takes an hour to crawl down the stairs and use the bathroom
- Ear drum is badly damaged

DAY 40:
-Tell her rapists "Kill her straight and do what is right"

January 1, 1989:
-Junko is celebrating New Year alone with the paralyzed Body

DAY 44: January 4, 1989:
-4 boys who raped her beat her for "depressed" reasons to lose Mahjung.
- As a result, blood comes out of her nose and mouth.
-They light a candle on his face and eyes.
- The oil is poured on the feet, armpits and stomach, and then ignites the fire.
- This last torture lasted for two hours.

The next day, she breathed her last breath in a state of discomfort. Nothing compares to the 44 days of her suffering has endured. Very cruel. The criminals were arrested and charged as adults who committed the crime.

However, since they are still categorized as juvenile cases, their identities are kept secret by the court. However, a weekly local magazine called Shukan Bunshun also reported their name, saying 'Human rights are not needed for such cruelty'. Furuta's real name has also been widely reported in the media.

The four criminals pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of 'causing injury to death', not murder. One of the criminals named Kamisaku was named as lead of the crime at the official hearing. Kamisaku was jailed for only 8 years and then released.

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