The Biggest Flying Animal 140 Million Years Ago

The Azhdarchid bird is a lesser known bird. However, the Azhdarchid is said to be the largest flying animal ever to fly in the air.

This giant bird is estimated to have lived about 140 million years ago. On land, it is common to know Amphicoelias Fragillimus as the largest animal and for the sea are blue whales. If the air belongs to the Azhdarchid.

These prehistoric animals are of extraordinary size. Compared to modern-day birds such as eagles, for example, it is no more than the size of an Azhdarchid footprint.

This Azhdarchid is about 12-15 meters high and when standing upright, it is as tall as the T-Rex. This large body size is also supported by incredible wings with a width of over 50 feet.

If it flew in hordes, the sky might be dark for a while. Azhdarchid hunting is very unique. The Azhdarchid will go ashore and then run or jump in pursuit of its prey.

With a long neck, this giant bird can reach its prey very quick. Investigators believe the bird is also capable of swimming but they could not explain the mechanism of its swimming ability.

But sure enough, the bird is able to sit for hours in the water. It is known that they did so for hunting when the land was quiet.

Also, it can fly very fast at a speed of about 70-90 kilometers per hour. This statement is influenced by the style of the air and the way the Azhdarchid spread its wings.

When it comes to landing, many doubt the ability of this bird because of its own weight. So, considering the weight and strength of its wings, many believe the bird could not land properly.

However, investigators have denied the allegation on the grounds that his own wing muscles were strong enough to lift his heavy body into space.

Azhdarchid can be likened to a giraffe, but it can fly. Looking at their size, it's really hard to imagine that they were alive today. It could be a huge mess.

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