Leaked The United States Secrets, This Man Becomes The Number 1 Enemy Of The Nation

Some time ago, Edward Snowden's name was once the hottest conversation in the world. Edward Snowden's name became known after he leaked the National Security Agency's (NSA) secret documents about the PRISM program.

The program is a program that contains data on Internet users in the United States. Because of the NSA's secret data retrieval, the NSA became angry and eventually put Snowden on the charge.

Edward Snowden is a computer expert who used to work at the NSA. He was born in Wilmington, North Carolina United States. Edward attended Croton, Anne Arundel County Public School in Grambilss.

Edward attended school there and met a girl named Lindsay Mills who is now Edward Snowden's life partner. Edward had served in the United States military training as a Special Forces.

However, he was released on September 28, 2005 and has only been in training for 17 months. Snowden's life changed after he worked at a secret institution at the University of Maryland.

After learning about the world of programming, Edward Snowden eventually joined the CIA. The talent he had made him the CIA's Information Technology security specialist.

In 2009 Edward Snowden withdrew from the CIA and rejoined the NSA. This time he was a private contractor for the NSA.

His new job required him to move from one company to another, one of which was the American Military Facility in Japan and the Dell computer company.

In mid-July 2013, Edward's life became a phenomenon. Edward became a talking point after he revealed that the NSA had engaged in the theft of Internet and phone users data.

Not to mention there, Edward also leaked the secret that the US government has a wealth of personal data accessible directly from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, AOL, PalkTalk and Skype. The program was eventually called PRISM.

Edward leaked the issue to the largest media in the United States and this news of Edward Snowden had a profound impact on the technological world. This event is known as the Snowden Effect.

The news of the American government's "spy" activity on the internet has shocked the world because not only Americans are shocked by the information from Edward, but the rest of the world.

The information leaked by Edward caused internet users to worry about their personal data on various Internet sites originating in the United States.

Canada also accepts the same fate. After being leaked about the PRISM program, Edward revealed that the Canadian Communications Security Agency is doing the same for Internet or wireless fidelity (WiFi) users.
People using WiFi in the main city will be able to keep track of a few days later.

The rumors turned into a heated discussion, and even Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper was forced to investigate whether the agency did what Edward had accused. Moreover, Canada is a country that strongly protects the personal data of its citizens.

Some of Edward's most shocking public disclosures are:

1. The US is suing some 5 Billion mobile phone users, including its own people. Through the intelligence, the US has location data and information about the user.

2. Edward reveals that the U.S. lists some of the leaders worldwide in their intelligence.

3. 1.7 Million US military confidential data was also obtained by Edward whereby all of this data if publicly disclosed would disrupt the security of US military bases and bases around the world.

4. US and Israeli intelligence agents have good relations and cooperate in intelligence on the Countries of the world.

5. Disclosure of a US "shadow" program against Brazil. The program was announced by the US as an anti-terrorism program while it was a program for economic scrutiny, social control and diplomatic manipulation.

6. Edward reveals the NSA in collaboration with GCHQ plans to distribute a "malware" virus across the globe called "Turbine". The virus is capable of creating a fake server for the 'Facebook' social site and will blindfold users and enable them to collect the user's personal information of the site.

7. The US is also doing intelligence on major global companies including Google, AT&T and Cisco!

Edward is currently in Russia and has been sheltering for a year. His application to seek asylum from 20 countries still has not been approved after the US pressured those countries.

This courageous man has received many awards from all over the world and has been a prominent figure in freedom rights programs.

Edward's chance to return to the US was considered 'impossible' because of his disclosure and he was also classified as the US's No. 1 threat or enemy.

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