Maria Labo Believed Still Wandering In Philippines

The story tells of a Filipino woman named Maria Labo who became a cannibal due to her curse. At first, Maria was just a normal woman. She is married and has two children. Due to the deteriorating economic situation of her family, Maria decided to work as an elderly caregiver.

One day, Maria was caring for an old man who had been paralyzed. At first, Maria thinks that he is paralyzed because of his old age. The old man was so good to Maria that he finally wanted to tell her why he was paralyzed. According to the old man, he became paralyzed by a man and was infected with a cannibal virus.

Knowing this, no children or family members would want to treated him for fear that the cannibal virus would infect them. Besides, his family is also afraid of being killed and eaten by this old man. Until eventually Maria came as a nurse after his family offered her a high salary.

Maria never suspected or feared that he would do anything. To her, this cannibal virus is just a myth. After many years of caring for the old man at a very high rate, Maria, who had accumulated so much money, wanted to quit her job to live with her two children at home.

Her employer allowed Maria to quit as long as she got the old man's approval. But the old man cried and became angry after learning that Maria wanted to stop caring for him. The pitying Maria decided to stay there but only for half a day.

The old man, who was dissatisfied and worried that Mary was leaving him, finally decided to bite her. While Maria was feeding him, the old man bit Maria's finger until it was almost broken. Maria screamed for help to the old man's son for treatment. But the old man's son ran away after seeing the blood of Maria Labo.

Ever since the bite, Maria has been so passionate about looking at the human body that she feels like eating it. Maria Labo eventually killed her two children and boiled their flesh and blood. The incident made her husband angry and stabbed Maria in the face with a knife. Maria Labo ran away from her home and to this day people still believe that Maria is still wandering around the Philippines.

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