Missing After Finished A Time Machine

People who know him call him Mike "Mad" Marcum. In 1995, he tried to make a time machine from his home porch in Missouri, USA. He said the reason for making the time machine was to see the lottery numbers coming out in the future. In 1995, Marcum was just 21 and studying electrical.

According to those who knew him, Marcum was known as a smart man. In an interview with Art Bell, a program from Coast to Coast radio, Marcum said that he created a time machine with the "Jacob Stairs".

Jacob's Stairs is a device that has two metal rods with electric splashes in it. In the old films, Jacob's Stairs concept can be seen as a tool that created life for Frankenstein.

Like Frankenstein, according to Marcum, something big is going to happen when the Jacob Stairs are in operation. "Right above the Jacob Stairs, it creates a warm climate with a circle in its center," Marcum said in an interview with Art Bell.

According to Marcum, he then threw a screw into the circle. After he threw it, he didn't see the screw anymore. The screw was gone. Then some time later, the screw came back abruptly a few feet from where he stood.

Filled with curiosity, Marcum decided to do something. He made Jacob's Stairs as big as human with 168 electromagnetics on his home porch. After Jacob's Stairs was completed, Marcum still had a problem. He needs electricity.

He then went to an electrical substations in St. Joseph and stole 6 transformers from there. Sherif Eugene Lupfer, aware of the theft, immediately went to Marcum's house and found that six of the transformers had been installed in his Jacob's Stairs. Before Marcum turned on his equipment, Sherif reached out his hand and held it.

After being sentenced to prison, Marcum was released. He then moved to an apartment in St. Joseph and started working on his time machine again. But later, the apartment owner kicked him out. According to The New York Times, he was kicked out for moving a cat "for a block" (not sure what it meant).

In 1996, Marcum appeared again on the Coast to Coast radio program. At that time he said he could finish the machine in 30 days. That was his last appearance. In January 1997, Marcum disappeared.

After the disappearance of Marcum, a man from Orange County called Art Bell. The man said he remembers a picture from an edition of a few years ago that told of a mysterious event in the 1920s.

According to the newspaper, in the 1920s, police at that time found the body of a man in a strange big box. The body was badly damaged. Next to the body was found a strange piece of equipment.

Police at that time were unable to identify the equipment or the identity of the dead body. The cause of death is also indefinable. The Orange County man later said that the equipment next to the body was similar to a cellphone. For fans of Time Travel fantasy, these relationships are a great satisfaction.

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