Murderer Who Made His Home A Cemetery

John Reginald Halliday Christie was born on April 8, 1899 in Northowram, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. In his youth, he became a master of mathematics with an IQ of 128. The name John Christie became famous after committing acts of cruelty in the 1940s to 1950s.

During his lifetime, John Christie was known to be married to Ethel in 1920, but a few years later John decided to live on his own even though he had asked Ethel to come back to life. During his life as a married couple, John often had bad habits and often spent time with prostitutes.

John begins his first murder by murdering 21-year-old Austrian, Ruth Fuerst. After intimate contact with Ruth, John strangles Ruth and buries Ruth in the backyard. The next day, John looks ordinary without looking like a guilty man.

Later, John's second victim was his neighbor Muriel Eady. John poisoned Muriel with carbon monoxide. At the time, John tricked Muriel into saying he had a special inhaler to cure Muriel's disease. John later laid Muriel's body on Ruth's grave.

If John Christie hadn't moved and rented his house in Rillington Place, London, his act would probably have been unknown to anyone. In the 1950s, tenants John found 3 women's bodies buried in the back of the kitchen closet.

They are, Rita Nelson, Kathleen Maloney and Hectorina McLennan, who were raped before being murdered by John. In addition to the three bodies, three other female bodies were buried around John's house. Meanwhile, John's wife Ethel, who was reported missing earlier, was found dead on the wood floor of John's house.

The saddest case of the John Christie murder was when he killed the Evans family who had just moved into the first-floor apartment above John's house.

The Evans family consists of Beryl Evans (wife), Timothy Evans (husband) and Geraldine Evans (their 1 year old son). After a year of moving, John later killed Beryl and Geraldine, but accused Timothy of being the killer.

After the investigation, 25-year-old Timothy was confirmed as the murderer of his wife and children.
Timothy was later hanged on a murder charge in 1950. 3 years later, John Christie was arrested and charged with murder for his wife, Ethel, at his residence located at 10 Rillington Place.

Later, news broke that the murderer of Beryl Evans and his son Geraldine Evans was John Christie, not Timothy. Due to the failure of the court at that time to determine the culprit, in 1965 England officially suspended the hanging for the killers.

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