Paralyzed Man Who Want To Conquer The World

Timurleng is also read Timur Lenk (Tamerlane) was one of the great rulers of history who recorded many victories in the wars of the 14th and 15th centuries. Moreover, all this was achieved when he was half paralyzed at birth.

Paralyzing one foot and one hand made him unable to stand and was forced to walk with the help of a stick. But that didn't stop him from being a leader in his area as well as the "ruler of the world."

Even in his childhood, Timurleng was known as a friendly boy, but as an adult he was known as a ruthless ruler.

Timurleng ruled throughout Mesopotamia and his forces expanded from Moscow to India including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and other parts of the Soviet Union in eastern Europe and the Balkans.

So great was the Timurleng army that the Europeans were willing to assist the Ottomans in dealing with the Timurid Empire even though the Ottomans were their enemies.

On April 10, 1370 AD, Timurleng declared himself the sole ruler of the Tranxosiana (an ancient region of Central Asia). He plans to conquer areas that the Gengis once controlled. He once said:

"As there is only one God in this world, then there must be only one king."

In 1381 AD, Timurleng conquered Khurasan, continuing to Afghanistan, Iran, and Kurdistan. In every state he conquered, he would have massacre against anyone who tried to stop him.

Arriving in Afghanistan, Timurleng built a tower built from 2000 bodies of stone and clay. In Iran he built a tower of 70,000 human heads separated from his body. In India he killed more than 80,000 prisoners.

In Sivas, Anatolia, around 4000 Armenian soldiers are buried alive. In 1401 AD he entered northern Syria. For three days Aleppo was destroyed by him. The head of the 20,000 inhabitants made the Pyramid as high as 10 and its circumference 20 cubits with the face of the corpse facing out.

Many buildings dating from the time of Nuruddin Zanky of Ayyubi were destroyed. While conquering Damascus, the historic Umayah mosque suffered severe damage. The attack then continued on to Baghdad and killed 20,000 of its people.

From these he built 120 towers as a sign of victory. Timurleng also aspired to dominate the Ottoman government in Turkey as it dominated the former provinces of the Gengis Khan and Hulagu Khan kingdoms.

In 1402 AD there was a great battle in Ankara. The Ottoman army suffered defeat. The Ottoman Sultan (Bayazid I) himself was captured and killed in captivity. Later Timurleng returned to Samarkhand (now Uzbekistan).

Only the Chinese dynasty survived its attack due to Timurleng's illness and died at the age of 68 while traveling due to the colder winter than usual.

The human who killed about 5% of the earth's population died in 1405 and are buried in the Gur-Emir Mausoleum, Uzbekistan, in a magnificent manner. In this mausoleum there is an abundance of gold and holds one of the largest jade stones on earth.

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