Scientists Can Generate Electricity From Snow

Scientists from UCLA have invented a new device that can generate electricity from snow - the first thing that can do it. the device is cheap, small, thin and flexible like a piece of plastic.

Scientists call this a snow-based or TENG-based triboelectric nanogenerator. Triboelectric nanogenerators that generate charge via static electricity generate energy from electron exchange.

Snow is positive charged and will release electrons. on the other hand - materials like artificial rubber made up of silicone and oxygen atoms combined with carbon, hydrogen and other elements - are negative charges. when the snow falls in contact with the silicon surface, electricity can be generated.

About 30% of the surface is covered with snow each winter and solar panels often fail to function. Snow accumulation has reduced the amount of sunlight reaching solar panels. this will limit the power output of the panel and make it less effective. the new device can be integrated into a solar panel to provide continuous electricity supply during snowfall

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