Snack Food Companies In Japan Interrupted By Mystery Criminals

For 17 months in the mid-1980s, a "man" and possibly a "group" of men was named 'The Monster With 21 Faces', which terrified all of Japan with a series of criminal cases. The criminal has not been arrested until now.

The case began on March 18, 1984, when two masked men abducted Katsuhisa Ezaki, CEO of Glico's snack company at his home.

The man was taken to a warehouse in Ibaraki and held as a ransom for 1 billion yen. But before the ransom was paid, Ezaki managed to release himself. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning for the mystery criminal.

In April 1984, several vehicles parked outside Glico's headquarters were burned and the surrounding area was destroyed. Police say the abduction and arson are related. They also believe the criminals are targeting the company of Glico and its employees.

Later, in May of the same year, Glico received a threat signed "The Monster with 21 Faces". The letter states that some packages of Glico candy contaminated with cyanide poisoning.

After discussions, Glico's company decided to withdraw the sale of all its snack products from stores across Japan. It is said to be a disaster for the company with a loss of $20 million resulting in the dismissal of 450 employees. It is said that the police are only able to gather some information.

According to reports, a security camera belonging to a convenience store has captured a non-employee of Glico stacking the company's products on the shelf.

The man was wearing a baseball cap and made it difficult for police to see his face. In addition to the recording, only one suspect was found, while in Ezaki's abduction case there were two men in charge.

The police themselves do not know how many people were involved in the case. Time passed without any arrest, the criminal or 'Monster' started sending letters to the media.

The letter challenged and ridiculed the Japanese police's weaknesses. The whole Japan was in a state of panic and fear. Sales of candy and snacks fell flat.

In the summer of 1984, 'Monster' expanded its threatening activity to other snack and candy manufacturers such as Morinaga, Marudai Ham and House Food Corporation. At the same time, police are desperate to investigate the information.

However, they found a dead end until they received a new letter one day in late June. The 'Monster' announces that they will end their evil deeds if they get 50 million yen.

The money was ordered to be dropped off by a train that was speeding toward Kyoto. The location of the 'dump' of the money will be marked with a white flag along the way.

After raising money, a police officer dressed up in a train and spent his time looking out the window, looking for the white flag that the Monster intended.

But the white flag was not visible at all, but the undercover police officer noticed a man with a firm body, and most prominent was his 'weasel' eyes.

Despite all his movements, the suspect managed to get away when arrived at the Kyoto station. Another attempt to send ransom in November also saw a similar failure.

In October 1984, the 'Monster' sent another letter to the media, addressed to all mothers in Japan stated that as many as 20 packages of poisoned candy were packaged with other candies in grocery stores.

Accordingly, police were deployed throughout the country in search of the poisoned candy and they found about 10 packets of contaminated candy from the Morinaga company. A few months later, in January 1985, based on past video recordings and depictions of men on Kyoto trains, police released a poster of the wanted criminal.

Unfortunately, no one appeared to assist the police. Finally, in August, the Monster sacrificed a victim, though not directly. Frustrated by his failure to catch the mysterious criminals and weak investigations, the police superintendent who led the Monster hunt killed himself by burning his own body.

When the news broke, the criminals even sent their last letter to the media condemning the superintendent's actions. Again they lowers the police capabilities and reveals the Monster has no friends and hiding place. In fact they also told the police not to let criminals like them get away with it. The Monster also said that they will not be harmed any food company anymore.

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