Strange Sounds From Russia Radio Station

Before the advent of television and the internet, radio was an electronic device used by the entire world. As the world's technology continues to evolve, radios have proven to be of great use today. However, something strange happened to The Buzzer or MDZhB radio station.

In the Russian lake near the City of St Petersburg, stands an iron fence. Behind it are several radio transmitting towers, an old abandoned building, and an electrical cable. This place is said to keep the mystery of the Cold War era.

The 'MDZhB' radio has been on the air since 1970 and is believed to be where the '' MDZhB '' radio was broadcast. But to this day, no one claims to be the host of the broadcast that made the strange sound after the place was abandoned.

The broadcast runs 24 hours, seven days a week, and runs for three and a half decades. The sound of the broadcast is like the sound of a drone and sometimes like the sound of an horn from the sea.

Once or twice a week, the buzz is mixed with the sound of verses and numbers that cannot be understood. That strange sound can be heard at a frequency of 4625 kHz.

Many theories later emerged about the sound, such as the sound of a Russian war machine. However, the Russian army never acknowledged it. Other theories say the sound is from alien communication device.

In addition, some say the sound came from a nuclear detector that when Russia was attacked, the buzzing sound would stop and its signal would automatically launch a counterattack.

Speculation is further intensified as The Buzzer uses shortwave frequencies that can be heard all over the world. So, the signal can easily detect if there is a long-range attack.

A radio listeners for The Buzzer living in the Baltic region, Maris Goldmanis once said that in 2013, The Buzzer broadcast a special message "COMMAND 135 ISSUED". Apparently, the order was made an attempt in case of war.

In addition to The Buzzer, in Russia there are radio stations The Pip (first aerial in 1985) and The Squeaky Wheel (first aerial in 2000). Of the three, The Buzzer is the most famous.

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