The Mystery Of The Death Of Five Children In Mount Waryong

On that day, March 26, 1991, media in South Korea was abuzz with news of the ongoing elections in the country. On that day, it was a school holiday as well as a school in Daegu.

At the school, there were five students, Woo Cheol-won (13), Cho Ho-yeon (12), Kim Yeong-gyu (11), Park Chang-in (10), and Kim Jong-sik (9). are friends.

They plan to spend the school holidays searching for frogs in areas not far from their homes.

They agreed to go to Waryong Mountain behind Song-san High School. Their mother and father let their children go without even realizing that it was the last day they saw their children alive.

The five children who went to look for the frog then did not return home, which made their parents panic. A massive search was then conducted.

The family, with the help of the school and other students, began distributing their pictures on the sidewalk in hopes that someone had seen the child. The current president of South Korea, Roh Tae-woo, called this as a big case.

The search was conducted with thousands of people from the police, and assisted by local residents and volunteers. A search operation was carried out around the Waryong mountain, also along the river.

The location where they were looking for frogs has also been searched repeatedly. locations far from where the child was missing were also searched. However, the massive search found nothing. There are no signs of their fifth existence.

As the days go by, the parents' keep hopes to seeing their child come to life. Later, various theories emerged, including five of them being kidnapped by North Korea. Other theories say that a pedophile killed their fifth.

On Thursday afternoon, September 26, 2002, a man went to Waryong Mountain. As usual, the man wanted to find oak around the mountain. But while searching for the oak seeds, the man was shocked to find 5 human skeletons along with pieces of clothing on the ground.

These bones are none other than the skeletons of five children who disappeared on March 26, 1991, more than 11 years ago. The five victims' skeletons were found close to each other in hugging state.

In the 3 bones of the child was found traumatic effects of blunt objects. Several others were found in a fractured state believed to be the result of an attempt to fight back.

Also, there is a skeleton of a boy with a skull that may have been shot. Surprisingly, all these bones were found in a mountain location not too far from their home.

All five of them already know this mountain so well. What exactly happened to them? The case was officially closed by the police in 2006 after failing to find any clues.

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