The Mystery Of The Flowers Around The Grave Of Caroline Christine Walter

During her lifetime, Caroline lived with her sister Selma in Freiburg, Germany. Caroline is known for her beauty and has a lot of fans. But in the summer of 1867, she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB). Caroline, 17, passed away just weeks after suffering from the disease.

Her younger sister, Selma, intends to erect a memorial in her sister's grave. Selma then asked a sculptor to create a stone statue on Caroline's grave in the shape of her late sister's. So a statue resembles Caroline sleeping with a bed, a blanket, and a book in her hand.

At the end of the statue there is a inscription stating that the statue was made by her sister Selma in memory of her beloved sister. Caroline's grave is located in Alter Fredhof Cemetery. After all of Caroline's funeral was over, the flowers in Caroline's grave soon faded.

But strangely enough, the next day someone has put flowers in the grave. Her sister, Selma, who visited her sister's grave always found fresh flowers placed on Caroline's grave.

No one knows the exact person who put flowers in it, including the keeper of the cemetery. This peculiarity continues every day, throughout the summer and winter, for nearly 150 years since Caroline's death.

There was a rumor that the person who put the flower was Caroline's teacher who fell in love with her. But the question is how can the person have laid flowers for over 145 years? Or is he asking someone to continue this tradition after he dies?

Over 50,000 flowers were placed in the tomb. But no one can explain or reveal who actually put the flower. The flowers at Caroline Walter's grave continue to leave unexplored mysteries.

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