The Oldest Bread In The World

The oldest bread in the world has been discovered by archaeologists in Jordan (in 2018). The charred remains of the flatbread were discovered in a stone fireplace at a site in the Black Desert in Jordan and are 14,400 years old.

The flatbread resembling the pita bread we know today are made from whole grains that are ground into flour. Among the cereals are einkorn wheat, oats and barley and ubibolboshoenus glaucus. The bread was baked in a circular fireplace built on land with flat rocks.

Amaia Arranz-Haraegui, an archaeologist from the University of Copenhagen and her colleagues believe that the bread was made by the Natufia people. The Natufia people are natural hunters and collectors in Levant who practice a regular lifestyle.

Researchers have succeeded in reproducing the bread with the same ingredients and say that the bread taste is delicious, salty and slightly sweet.

Before the bread in Jordan was discovered, the oldest bread ever found came from a 9,100-year-old Turkey site. In addition to updating the date the bread production was made much earlier, the findings also show that humans have already made bread before developing agriculture.

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