The Only Empress In Chinese History

In Chinese history, all emperors were men. However, something unique happened in the year 690 AD, when Wu Zetian ascended the throne and established the Zhou Dynasty. She is the only Empress in Chinese history!

Wu Zetian was born in 624 AD. At the age of 14, she was chosen as a court lady in the palace of Emperor Taizong, the second-generation Tang Dynasty of Li Shimin and became His concubine.

Based on the norms in feudal times in China, women who are friendly are considered good women despite their lack of intelligence.

However, Wu Zetian does not want to adhere to the principles of public recognition and character. Wu Zetian always showed a strong and resolute character and a passion for power.

Because of this, Emperor Taizong has put aside Wu Zetian for 12 years. However, Crown Prince Li Zhi has liked Wu Zetian, 4 years older than him secretly.

After the Emperor Taizong passed away, Wu Zetian became a nun under royal rule and Crown Prince Li Zhi ascended the throne to become the Emperor of Gaozong, Tang Dynasty. Shortly thereafter, His Majesty invited Wu Zetian back to the palace and made Wu Zetian his concubine regardless of the opposition.

Wu Zetian was dissatisfied with her position and aspired to be the Queen. She played a very dirty tactic until Emperor Gaozong deposed the title of Empress Wang and conferred the Empress on Wu Zetian.

After being awarded the Queen's title, Wu Zetian immediately acted cruelly by killing or ignoring the concubines favored by Emperor Gaozong.

Emperor Gaozong has always been skeptical and has not been strict in managing the country. Prior to becoming Queen, Wu Zetian always helped His Majesty manage the country secretly.

After becoming Queen, Wu Zetian abolished the traditional system of women's inability to govern the country and forced Emperor Gaozong to allow her to manage the country's affairs.

The Emperor and the Queen co-manage the country's administration, something that is rare in Chinese history. After Emperor Gaozong died, the two Crown Prince's successors ascended to the throne, but the one who really dominated the throne was their mother Empress Wu Zetian.

When Wu Zetian was 67, she abdicated the puppet Emperor and took the throne. This made her the only Empress in Chinese history. Empress Wu Zetian had transformed the Tang Dynasty into a Zhou dynasty.

After becoming Empress, Wu Zetian appoints cruel and vicious officers, kills innocent people, oppresses people who do not support her policies.

However, Her Majesty has shown her wisdom in governing the country. She has promoted agricultural development, reduced taxes and participated in the activities of silkworm and rice cultivation.

Wu Zetian has taken the talent for granted regardless of lineage. By doing so, many talented people, have been appointed  for the examination as government officials.

As a result, some of them have become well-known officials and scholars. Wu Zetian also strives to improve the position of women. This was a progressive act in the feudal society of that time.

Wu Zetian served as Empress for 15 years and served the country for 50 years. During the Wu Zetian rule, China has become a strong country with a stable society and a thriving economy.

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