The Site Of The Largest Ritual Victims Found In Peru

In the desert off the northern coast of Lima, Peru, archaeologists have found the remains of 227 children believed to have been murdered and buried hundreds of years ago in a mass casualty ritual. According to a team of researchers who have been excavating the site for more than a year, the discovery has been described as a single burial site for the world's largest children cemetery. The findings so far maybe just the minimum victims.

The bodies estimated to have been buried some 600 to 800 years ago were found facing sea at the city of modern Huancaco, Peru. It was once the favorite port of the Chimu people, a group of people living around 900AD along the northern coast of Peru until they were conquered by the Inca empire around 1475.

The children buried here are believed to have been stabbed in the chest one by one. Later, their bodies were laid in a large tomb. Bodies at the Huanchaco site are estimated to have died between 4 and 14 years old.

Disputing the location of this burial site and the fact that the bodies were said to have been buried during humid weather. The child may have been killed as a victim sacrificed to the gods who control the El Nino phenomenon a semi-annual weather cycle capable of causing hurricanes in South America.

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