The Story Behind The Statue In Glass Box At Cemetery

Inez Clarke was a six-year-old girl who died from lightning strikes on a family picnic while enjoying the summer weather of August 1, 1880.

Because of deep love, Inez's mother and father had created a statue in a glass box and placed it on her grave. The statue appears to be sitting on a bench holding an umbrella.

Inez is a kid who plays just like any other kid. According to witnesses there, a girl in an 1800s dress was often seen wandering around the cemetery.

Not only that, the girls also often invite children who come to the cemetery with their families to play with them. This makes their parents wonder because their children are seen having fun and laughing alone.

It's even scarier when their kids confess that their playmates are sweet girl. The story of Inez Clarke gets more scary when the statue in glass box looks empty.

According to the cemetery guard, the box will be empty when lightning strikes, especially in summer. The statue was supposed to be so frightened that it decided to run away and hide. To this day, rumors about Inez Clarke continue to rise.

Some visitors will also place small gifts on the grave in hopes that Inez will not be sad anymore. However, there are those who claim that the statue is actually just a form of advertising by a sculptor named Andrew Gage and a girl named Inez Clarke never existed.

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