This Stone Is Not Permitted To Be Taken Out From The City Of London

This mysterious stone, called the London Stone, is one of the oldest artifacts in London. The stone weighs about 53 centimeters and weights 76 pounds under a small wall built on Cannon Street, and has been there since the 16th century.

According to the story, this stone has the magic effect that if it were moved from London, the city would collapse. The buildings around the stone have changed over the centuries, but scientists say the stone has remained there ever since Roman rule. Certainly scientists do not know where it came from.

Some historians believe that this 53cm x 43cm x 30cm stone was brought by the Brutus of Troy (the first King of Great Britain). However, some historians believe that the antique remains of the Roman occupation of England (54 BC-410 AD).

London Stone has been part of the City of London for centuries. The stone is already in the first map of the City of London in the 16th century and over the last 200 years the London Stone has moved several times.

In the 18th century, the stone was considered an obstacle and was later transferred to the nearest Church, St Swithin's Church. But in 1960, the Church building collapsed and became a rubble as a result of the German military bombing.

The stone was later transferred to the Guildhall Museum and finally, in 1962, London Stone was moved to Cannon Street near the Bank of China, and the WHSmith store.

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