Why Men Have Nipple?

When the human fetus is formed in the form of heads, legs and so forth, we are all shaped as female parts. The result is the X chromosome of the gender chromosome (male = X + Y, female = X + X). thus, fetal cells will form and shape based on this DNA information including nipple growth and pre-human reproduction.

Human genitals at that time were also incomplete. It's like a woman's genitals, but clitoris is short. It has both sex organs. It's called as a phallus. By the end of the sixth week, if the fetus is a male, the  chromosome will begin to function.

For men, the Y chromosome begins to cause the penis to develop into a full. Hormone testosterone is produced and affects the formation of the baby boy. For the female, the fetus will continue to grow as usual and there will continue to be female sexual organs and related physical organs.

ompared to the male, the female ovary has begun functioning and producing the ovum since it was still in her mother's womb, the ovum produced is static. If it produces 1 million while in the mother's womb, then a number of its ovaries die.

The male sperm is always produced and renewed to death. That's why women experience menopause but not for men.

Since the human formation initially causes the fetus to become female, the female structure is present in all genders. That's why the nipple structure is permanent in both genders.

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