World Electronic Waste Cycle Center

Agbogbloshie located in Ghana is the center of recycling of electronic waste. Almost all of the discarded electronics will arrive here and then recycle analogically.

An estimated 40,000 Agbogbloshie residents work full-time at an electronic waste disposal center here. People who live around it depend on the living from those junk.

They burn computer plastics and melt electronic circuit boards to obtain metal. Workers' lives at Agbogbloshie are very poor. All work is done manually regardless of the side effects of health.

Mike Anane, an activist from Ghana, said there were various diseases affecting the people there. Among other kidney problems, liver, and other organ diseases.

Anane said the electronic waste in Agbogbloshie comes from Germany, Denmark, China, and other computer manufacturers. According to the Convention held in Basel signed by 170 countries, the export of technological waste from Europe is actually prohibited.

However, an average of 500 containers of defective electronics are entered into Agbogbloshie each month. Not only is it a place of recycling, Agbogbloshie is also a dump.

While electronics can still function, they are sold everywhere in Ghana. Agbogbloshie is one of 3000 locations in 49 countries studied by the Blacksmith Institute, an International institution that specializes in pollution in developing countries.

A study released in 2013 found that Agbogbloshie is the region with the highest rates of poisoning in the world. Ghana imports 215 thousand tons of electronics annually, mainly from Western Europe.

As a result, 129 thousand tons of waste annually. The study warns that the number will double in 2020. The locations release toxic chemicals into the air, water, and soil.

"There are a lot of children and women at risk," said Dr. Jack Caravanos, director of the Blacksmith Institute and community health at City University of New York.

Surprisingly, the mafia bought the existing disk to steal exploitable data. And you know Ghana is one of the top countries in the world list of online crime. So before you throw away your electronic device, think twice.

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