Yellow Ribbon Girl In The United States

The Mystery Story of Urban Legend Yellow Ribbon on Her Neck comes from the state of Wisconsin in the United States. It is said that, there was a girl who never missed wearing a yellow ribbon which she always wore around her neck.

Regardless of day or night, whether it suits or not, the ribbon is worn daily. This girl had a boyfriend who was close to her since she was little. The man was John. John had never seen his girlfriend take off the ribbon around her neck.

Whenever John asked his girlfriend why she had never taken off the yellow ribbon, she would have refused to tell him. Time passed and John finally asked for this girl to married him.

On the day of the wedding and out of sheer curiosity, John again asked his beautiful wife about the yellow ribbon on her neck. The wife finally answered her husband's question with tears in her eyes.

"Is this yellow ribbon important to you ?? We've lived so much happiness all this time, isn't that enough ..? "

From then on John stopped asking about the ribbon.

They lived happily together with two children. On their wedding anniversary, somehow, John recalls the yellow ribbon his wife often wore. So he asked again about the ribbon. The wife answered,

"My dear, you have been very patient all this time. Try to be patient for a moment. ”John exclaimed.

Finally one day his wife fell ill. John feels his wife is dying. He again asked his wife about the yellow ribbon. His wife just smiled at him and said,

"Well John Dear, you can take off the yellow ribbon now."

With a heavy heartbeat, John slowly released the yellow ribbon on his wife's neck. After the ribbon was released, his wife's head fell too!

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