1990 New Mexico Citizens Complain Disruptive Voice

In the 1990s, residents of Taos, New Mexico, complained about the mysterious sounds they heard. However, around the 1970s and 1980s similar reports were found from other parts of the world regarding this mysterious voice.

The voice is called The Hum or The Taos Hum. The Hum or The Taos Hum is a mysterious phenomenon in which the sound of this particular frequency can only be heard in quiet conditions and only in certain places.

The voice of this "hum" has a very low frequency so not everyone can catch that sound. It's called The Taos Hum because of the mysterious voice phenomenon occurring in Taos, New Mexico. The sound also spread to the City of Bristol until it was called The Bristol Hum.

But the common denominator is The Hum. The Hum itself began to attract the attention of the world at the time of the mass exodus of people living in Taos, New Mexico.

The sound of the mysterious sound was as if it came from the belly of the earth and it sounded constantly. This phenomenon was first experienced by people in Britain and New Zealand in the 1970s-1980s.

The Hum's voice is described as the sound of snoring or buzzing and is a kind of infrared sound. The frequency is only about 10 Hertz while the normal human hearing is at a minimum of 20 Hertz. So in order to hear it, one has to be somewhere very quiet.

There have been numerous reports on The Hum phenomenon. In Britain, for example, there have been thousands of reports about the mysterious voice phenomenon and this phenomenon has made a resident decide to commit suicide because they are so disturbed by The Hum's voice.

Although this phenomenon has passed many years ago, no one has been able to confirm the sound of The Hum. Where it came from. Research into this phenomenon has produced several theories and possibilities that explain the origin of The Hum.

The first theory is the pole shift. According to this theory, the sound of the hum is a result of the earth's magnetic field shifts.

This shift then produces an odd sub-sonic sound from the base of the earth's crust. But the sound cannot be heard so clearly that not everyone hears or captures the sound.

The second theory is the sound of heavy equipment. According to this theory, the use of heavy equipment by the industry has raised voices around the area. Take for example the Bristol Hum event, which is the buzzing sound that takes place in Bristol.

The sound of the Bristol hum is believed to have come from a large factory called Avonmouth, not far from the audible sound. Most of the hum sounds come from factory-owned industrial cities.

The third theory is that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are also likely to cause the hum. Some UFO researchers believe many people hear strange noises in their ears and their heads are buzzing without stopping despite this weakest theory.

The fourth theory is Tinnitus, which is an ear infection caused by ear or headache. This theory believes that The Hum's voice is actually from the ear of the individual who hears it.

So it has nothing to do with external objects. Although this disease is not a serious disease, there are quite a few people in the world who suffer from Tinnitus. In America alone, there are 36 million people suffering from Tinnitus.

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