A Chemist Who Turn Metal Into Gold In The City Of Paris

Nicolas Flamel was a French chemist who lived from 1330 to 1417. He had a wife named Perenelle Flamel who was 10 years older than him.

Nicolas Flamel is renowned for his ability to turn metal into gold and supposedly has an elixir of life ingredients that can make a person live forever.

Told throughout his life, Flamel made frequent attempts to turn metal into gold, but his attempts failed. Many believe he mastered the science of turning metal into gold after he and his wife built several homes for the sick and donated a large number to churches and the poor.

In addition to being a chemist, Flamel was also a manuscript seller. Around 1378, he dreamed of meeting an angel with an ancient book shining in his hand. When he was about to receive the book, then the angel in his dream disappeared.

Later, in a book sale, Flamel acquired a book similar to what he saw in his dream. The book is written by Abraham Eleazar and tells how to turn metal into gold.

In each of the 7 pages the book comes with illustrations of the exchange process. He later told this to his wife, Perenelle. He said he could not understand the whole book.

He then left for Spain and headed for Santiago de Campostella in hopes of meeting a Jew who understood the contents of the book. After a year there, Flamel finally met Master Canches, an antique dealer.

Canches later realizes that Flamel's book is nothing more than an ancient Kabbalah script text. After returning from Spain, Flamel made several attempts until finally the attempt was successful in 1382.

This book that Flamel learned is believed to have made Flamel and his wife succeed in turning ordinary metal into gold while making the couple rich until the end of their lives.

n 1410 Nicolas Flamel made his own tombstone. In his tombstone, engraved 3 pictures of Jesus, St. Peter, and St. Paul. The tombstone was later stored at the Musee de Cluny in Paris until he was finally pronounced dead in 1417. His wife died first in 1412.

Shortly thereafter, treasure hunters quickly search Flamel's home in hopes of finding gold or magical books that guide how the couple can become rich. But unfortunately they did not find anything there. Without hesitation, they dismantled Flamel's tomb. But what a shock to the treasure hunters as they found the tomb empty!

Since then, rumors have circulated that the couple had not actually died until some claimed that Nicolas Flamel had appeared in some parts of the world such as India around 1700. Others reported seeing Nicolas Flamer in 1750 at an opera show in Paris.

The couple was so generous and famous that the name of one street in Paris was taken from Flamel's name, rue Nicolas Flamel in the 4th Arrodissement. His wife's name also became the name of one of the streets, de rue Perenelle Flamel.

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