A Man Claims Successfully Created A Time Recording Machine

In 1972, a newspaper in Italy presented a remarkable news. A physicist claims to have created a device capable of capturing images and sounds from past events. Not only that, he also showed proof of his work in the form of a picture that he believed was Jesus!

The tool is called Chronovisor, a machine that can see past events. The device is described as a large closet-shaped machine with a cathode ray tube to view the event.

Near the cathode ray tube there are several buttons and levers, as well as several other mechanisms that work to select the time and location you want to see. It can also track specific individuals and locations.

Prior to being exposed by a press called La Domenica del Corriere, an Italian weekly newspaper, in May 1972, the creator of this machine, Father Pallegrino Ernetti, had spoken about the device to Father Francois Brune.

In the 1960s, Ernetti and Brune met for the first time after a day before traveling by boat across the Venice Grand Canal.

During the meeting, the two chatted with many things including language and ancient manuscripts. But in the conversation something was very disturbing to Brune's mind.

Ernetti tells of a tool he created that could answer their concerns about ancient manuscripts and things that had happened in the past. Brune's astonishment. What exactly Ernetti meant. When asked about the tool, Ernetti says the tool is called Chronovisor.

Ernetti said the device works by detecting images and sounds of humans still floating in space. According to Ernetti, the technology was created with the help of 12 world-renowned scientists, including Enrico Fermi and Wemher von Braun.

This news quickly spread worldwide and caused controversy. Many doubted and criticized Ernetti and regarded him as a fraudster and the Chronovisor's machine was merely a hoax machine.

But Ernetti responded to the criticism by showing a picture he claimed was from the device, a picture of Jesus. According to Ernetti's acknowledgment, the device works by accepting, deciphering the contents of the code, and generating electromagnetic radiation beyond the previous one.

It is also capable of capturing audio components and sound waves emitted by an event.
The light emitted from the event will be reconstructed repeatedly by the Chronovisor machine and become a picture and sound from the previous event.

There has never been a formal image of this tool that has made many people doubt it. But a journalist named John Chamber said Ernetti had used the tool to look at events in the past.

Ernetti died in 1994 without being able to reveal the Chronovisor's secrets. But according to the Chamber's confession, the device is now in the Vatican's church and is deliberately kept secret to the world to prevent it from falling into the hands of the wicked.

In addition there are several other conspiracy theories related to Chronovisor. One said the device had been seized and used by the Vatican in secret to control the government and economy worldwide. But the Chronovisor's time machine is unknown to its existence.

Two Soviet scholars have been investigating the possibility of recreating a Chronovisor based on principles and methods of work as described by Ernetti.

If Ernetti had tried to capture the picture in the past, but these two Soviet scientists were trying something far more daring and dangerous. They want to step into the parallel world (another universe).

The project was revived during the reign of Nikita Khruschev. The project is done in secret and very private. According to news reports, some of the equipment and buildings suffered mysterious destruction during this project.

The project was temporarily closed, but was revived in 1987. On August 30, 1989, a devastating explosion occurred in Anjouan. There is indeed a research facility.

The devastating explosion hit an area of 1.25 square miles. Other than destroying the investigation facility, something strange happened. A 780-tonne equipment with 3 researchers inside it was lost. There is a theory that the missing researchers are said to have been trapped in a different universe.

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