A Man Sleeping In The Philippines, Wake Up In Mexico City

A man dressed in a Philippine soldier suddenly appeared in Mexico. The man was seen in shock and wandering aimlessly in Plaza Mayor, Mexico City. He claims to be from the Philippines, which is how he could have moved to Mexico 9,000 miles away from the Philippines.

The story of the teleportation experienced by a man named Gil Perez really happened. Gil Perez was a soldier who also served as the keeper of the Palace of The Governor General in Manila, Philippines in the 16th century.

There was nothing special about Gil Perez, he was just a regular soldier and palace guard in the service of the kingdom until one day he experienced an absurd event that he would never forget.

On that day of October 24, 1593, Gil was performing his duties as usual at the Manila Governor's residence. The night before, the assassination of Governor Gomez Perez Dasmarinas was committed by Chinese pirates. So Gil was in charge of strict guard at the palace.

However, he was actually in a state of exhaustion the next day and decided to rest by leaning against one of the walls in the corner of the governor's residence until he fell asleep.

After waking up from sleep, Gil Perez finds himself in a very strange place for him. He suddenly appeared in the Plaza Mayor, an area of ​​Mexico City wearing a Palacio Del Gobernador (uniform of a palace guard) but Gil Perez kept his job until someone approached him.

When he was told he was in Mexico City, Gil Perez was shocked and distrusted. Moreover that day was October 24, 1593, the date on which he was supposed to remain in the governor's residence in the Philippines.

How could he have moved so far in just one day. That disbelief not only came from Gil Perez himself, he included those who heard his story.

No one believed the story that Gil Perez was from the Philippines and was a palace guard who had previously guarded the home of the deceased Philippine governor. Everyone thinks Gil Perez's story is purely fictional.

Unfortunately, he was accused of being a worshiper of Satan until he was eventually put in jail by a Mexican authorities who heard about this strange incident.

Perez was in prison for 2 months until one day a Spanish merchant came from the Philippines.

The Spanish trading ship brought news of the assassination of Philippine Governor Gomez Perez Dasmarinas by Chinese pirates on October 23, 1593 the night before Gil Perez was found in Mexico City.

The public began to believe Gil Perez even more so when the ship brought a witness who saw Gil Perez in charge of the Philippine governor's palace on October 24, 1593.

After hearing the witness's explanation, Mexico City authorities finally ordered Gil Perez to be released and returned to the Philippines.

Gil Perez's teleportation story of the 16th century can be said to be the forerunner of later teleportation stories. This is because in the 16th century there was no idea of teleportation. Although many deny the truth of this story, the exact record of Gil Perez does indeed exist.

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