Abandoned Cinema In Middle Of Desert

It is unclear what year the movie theater was built, which is certain that a French man produced a movie theater in the middle of the desert in Sinai, Egypt.

Named End of the World Cinema, the only accessible road to this place is Dusti Road. The story begins when the man wondered why there was no movie theater in the desert? Is there an impossible reason?

Then he returned to Paris to obtain financial resources. With money, he went to Cairo, Egypt to buy 150 wooden chairs, electric generators, projectors and screens.

Once everything is set up in Sinai, the “Frenchman” is ready for the first show.

But on that special day, the generator's electricity supply was sabotaged. It's probably done by authorities who don't like this guy's actions. The locals also don't like the idea of the man. Since then the movie has never shown any movies and just left abandoned.

If this project continues then maybe this is how the cinema will look.

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