Abandoned Resort In Taiwan

San zhi may look like a city from a Star Trek movie, but it is actually an abandoned tourist spot in northern Taiwan. The real purpose of the city of Sanzhi is to develop a futuristic resort that will serve as a summer break for the rich and for those who want to relax from the bustle of the City.

The idea was well received even with some government funding. Construction of the mega project began in 1978. But in 1980, the company's investment in the project was said to have been affected before the project was completed.

There has been widespread speculation following the failure of the resort project in San Zhi. This resort located in northern Taiwan is left vacant where it is almost 90% ready. It's because of nonsense issues, not bankruptcy.

Many workers here died in various strange accidents, causing them to summon the shaman. The resort is said to be haunted, which is why so many deaths occurred during construction

Sources say that the first people who found this place accidentally broke a monument or a dragon-shaped stone. This beautiful and futuristic place is finally abandoned because of its nonsense.

In 2001, the value of real estate and development at the San Zhi resort is said to have increased over the past few decades. But as the story spreads widely, the government has finally decided to demolished the resort.

It's a pity that this futuristic resort is being demolished as it has the potential to become an icon in Taiwan. Although San Zhi has never been in operation, its uniqueness in its art and its stories often draw visitors to the place.

According to residents and tourists who visited the resort, during the day, San Zhi looked like a place that had been left in a terrible state. And as the night wore on, the tourist center looked a bit scary.

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