Ancient Indian Creation Aircraft

Many UFO researchers want to know one important fact. When UFOs were referred to as vehicles belonging to aliens, or originated in the Nazi, US or elsewhere military forces, there was another possibility that UFOs were objects that originated in India and the ancient Atlantic.

Ancient Indian airplanes come from ancient Indian sources that cover text from generations.

Without much prejudice, it can be said that most of these texts are valid and original when most have not yet been translated from old Sanskrit.

The emperor of India, Ashoka has established an organization of "Nine Men of Mystery", a renowned Indian scholar who is said to have uncovered a wide variety of science sources.

Ashoka kept their work secret because he felt that the latest scientific discoveries would be diverted from ancient Indian sources and would instead be abused for the sake of cruel warfare which Ashoka himself did not want.

"The Nine Mystery Men" has written nine books that are related to each other. The book entitled "The Secrets of Gravity" is well known to historians but is not considered by them to be related to the gravity of the earth.

It may still be stored in a secret library in India, Tibet, or anywhere (possibly around North America).

Just a few years ago, Chinese people discovered some Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and took them to Chandrigargh University for translation. Dr. Ruth Reyna from the University explained that the document contained instructions for making the spacecraft!

Their methods of production, he said, are anti-gravity and are based on an analogous system called "laghima", a source of energy unknown to modern humans. According to Hindu yoga experts, this "laghima" gives one the ability to fly.

Dr. Reyna explains that on this machine board known as the "Astras", it is said to have been used by the ancient Indian people to bring a human troupe to another planet, as stated in the document, which is said to be thousands of years old.

The manuscript is also said to have revealed the secrets of "antima" (ways to disappear) and “gerima” (how to be heavy mountains).

At first the Indian scholars were not so serious about the contents of the manuscript, but then they realized the value of the manuscript when China announced that they would be incorporating certain portions of the manuscript into their space study program!

Although the manuscript clearly shows the plan of inter-planetary exploration and exploration of the moon, it is not clear whether all of these space travels were actually undertaken.

However, one of India's most famous epic, the Ramayana, has a detailed story of one exploration of the moon using Vimana (or "Astra"). In fact, the epic Ramayana tells the story of a battle on the moon with an “Asvin” (or Atlantean) plane.

This is evidence of anti-gravity and spacecraft technology used by the ancient people of India. To truly understand the technology, we need to look back to the past, to the Kingdom of Rama in North India and Pakistan that was formed about 15,000 years ago.

At that time it was said that sophisticated cities had sprung up that everything was systematically organized from landscape to waterway. Proof of Rama's existence can still be found in the deserts of northern Pakistan and western India.

The Kingdom of Rama is expected to live forever with the peoples of the Atlantic Continent. According to ancient Indian texts, the people of that time had a flying machine called "Vimanas!"

Ancient Indian epics described a Vimanas as a two-decked, circular plane with holes in the bottom of the plane and towers on top. Based on that description we may associate it with a flying saucer or UFO.

Vimanas is said to have the ability to fly at high speeds and produce a pleasant sound. There are at least 4 types for Vimanas aircraft; some are plate-shaped and others are cylindrical (cone-shaped spacecraft).

Ancient Indian peoples producing their own ships, have written about the aviation of the various Vimanas, many of whose manuscripts are still being searched by scholars.

In 1875, a book entitled Vaimanika Literature was written by a scholar named Bhara Dewaji who used older books as his source.

The book was found in a temple in India and contained information related to Vimanas' navigation, rescue measures, long-distance flights, and aircraft protection against storm, and lightning. The book explains how to absorb the sun's energy.

Many researchers have stated that most people have secretly kept some of their Vimanas in secret caves in Tibet or elsewhere in Central Asia and the Lop Nor Desert in western China, which is to this day known as a major UFO mystery center.

This is probably where most of the spacecraft are stored, at the base of the German, American, British, and Russian bases decades ago.

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