"Copy Paste" Creator

Lawrence Gordon Tesler. Born on April 24, 1945, Teslar is a computer science graduate from Stanford University, California.

In addition, he is also known as a Scientist in Human-Computer Interaction.

Before the power of 'copy & paste', the world was using manual methods as a technique for 'cut and paste'.

This method was widely used in the handling of manuscripts in the 1980s. Back then, only this method was considered to be the easiest to handle.

The staff involved will use scissors to cut out the word on the script sheet, and then place it where they want it to be.

This method then led Lawrence to the idea. Starting with the manual step, who would have thought he had succeeded in creating a more efficient way for the world.

Lawrence has teamed up with a friend, Tim Mott, to produce a 'copy & paste' command.

At that time he was running software called 'Gypsy' at the Xerox PARC, California company.

This popular 'copy & paste' computer command was first implemented in 1973 to 1976.

Ctrl + C means copy. The word or sentence marked is automatically copied, and then Ctrl + V works to paste the word.

In the meantime, Ctrl + X was created to eliminate the imitated words.

Interestingly, the modern 'copy & paste' method has proven to provide easy solutions for users.

Lawrence, who served in the Xerox PARC from 1973 until 1980, then moved to a prominent Apple company in 1980.

Lawrence's expertise has also made him a computer scientist at other reputable companies like Amazon and Yahoo.

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