Criminals Who Always Smile And Laugh

Nannie Doss is arguably one of the cruelest women in the world. Nannie left a vivid record of the incredible murder she committed throughout her life.

Nannie Doss's real name is Nancy Hazel. She was born in Blue Mountain, Alabama in 1905 the daughter of James and Louisa Hazel. Nannie has 3 sisters and a brother.

She had a normal start to life as a child, and was a well-behaved woman. As a young girl, Nannie grew up with romance novels.

Nannie first married a man named Charly Bragg when she was just 16 years old. They got married after four months of dating. Nannie and her first husband have four daughters.

Being a mother is not easy task, Nannie has a hard time adjusting ended up becoming an alcoholic. Charly divorces Nannie when he discovers that Nannie killed their second and third child after both of them died suddenly.

Charly escaped from Nannie with their child Melvina and her newborn Florine was left with Nannie. Nannie was also charged with murdering her own mother-in-law for not being free.

In 1929, Nannie remarried to a man by the name of Frank Harrelson who was an alcoholic. They've been married for 16 years and Nannie has had grandchildren. In 1945, Harrelson personally attacked Nannie at a party in their home. Harrelson was later found dead of poisoning.

Nannie's marriage to Arlie Lanning's third husband came just three days after they met in a North Carolina newspaper dating ad. Like Harrelson, Arlie is also an alcoholic and a ladies' man. Within months, Arlie Lanning was found dead in his own house and Nannie said her husband had a heart attack.

Their house was on fire a few days later and Nannie got home insurance money. Nannie went to stay at her sister-in-law's house, Dovie. Nannie killed Dovie that night without leaving a trace. The fourth husband, Richard Morton, died of mysterious poisoning shortly after Nannie's mother Lou came to live with the couple in 1953.

The same year that Richard died, Nannie was married for the fifth and last time. Nannie's fifth husband was Samuel Doss. Unlike her ex-husband, Samuel was a strong worshiper and regularly attended the Church. From him, Doss's last name is embedded in Nannie. But this couple is not compatible.

Shortly after moving, Samuel became ill with symptoms and was diagnosed with an infection in the digestive tract. He then recovered after being treated at the Hospital. But in 1953, Samuel died suddenly.

Samuel's personal doctor who was shocked by this, ordered the hospital to perform the autopsy. The doctor who performed the autopsy found many high levels of arsenic poison in Samuel's body.
Doctors reported to Oklahoma police and Nannie Doss was arrested in 1955.

After being arrested, Nannie never hid what she had done before. Strangely, she always laughs whenever she tells the murder she committed.

In her trial, Nannie Doss admitted killing her four husbands, two daughters, two grandchildren, her mother-in-law, her sister-in-law, and her own mother. The number of victims that Nannie Doss killed was 11.

Nannie Doss was sentenced to life imprisonment, but died in 1965 of leukemia. Some of the community blamed the killing for her head injury as a child, but Nannie had a different perspective.

According to her, she drew inspiration from a romance novel in search of the perfect husband. Nannie used this method to reduce the punishment she received for the murders she committed.

Nannie told police during the interrogation:

"I was searching for the perfect mate, the real romance of life."

People call her the Giggling Nanny, the Black Widow, the Lonely Heart Killer and are considered the most brutal murderers of the 20th century.

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