Cruel Killer Who Never Kills

The Swedish community has recognized Sture Bergwall as a cruel serial killer. He has killed, raped, and even committed cannibalism against 30 victims. That's what he's been saying all along. But the facts finally prove that Sture Bergwall is nothing more than a con artist who has never killed anyone.

He was born under the name Sture Bergwall, but he preferred to be called Thomas Quick. The media named him Hannibal Lecter from Sweden.

Since he has been a resident of Sater Psychiatric Hospital since 1991, Sture Bergwall has been widely recognized by the Swedish community as a well-known killer in the country. The court finally decided to sentence him to 8 felony murder cases.

He also claimed responsibility for about 30 other assassination incidents. In his confession, he admitted that he had no choice in determining his victims. Not only adult men and women, he killed children abusively.

To be sure, he is one of the greatest liars on the planet. From birth, Sture Bergwall is a man with a life full of problems.

The influence of his peers made him a person he always wanted to be accepted by many, what could not be found in his family at home. His parents were strong fundamentalists, and slowly Sture Bergwall grew up to be gay.

Due to the stress of life, he started taking amphetamine-type drugs. His life was then out of control. Bergwall Sture was eventually decided to be sent to Sater Psychiatric Hospital on a charge of bank robbery using a Santa Claus costume.

Ironically, while he was in the psychiatric hospital, Sture Bergwall realized that his dream had come true.

Sture Bergwall began to devise more cunning and evil plans. The doctor finally allowed him to go himself in and out of the hospital. Usually he just goes to the local library to look for articles on unsolved homicide cases.

When he wasn't allowed to go out, he would rather read the newspapers in the library and then take stories from here and there, and start developing his own story that would surely draw his attention.

That desire arose when Sture Bergwall claimed to have committed the murder of an 11-year-old Johan Asplund, who had disappeared in 1980 and had never been found.

According to Sture Bergwall, he strangled Johan, then ate Johan's fingers. Then he buried his body in the forest. But Sture Bergwall's satisfaction in killing doesn't just stop there.

The media and the police have finally come to Sater Psychiatric Hospital to get the assurance that he will admit to more and more incidents of crime. Yeah! He admitted to raping a young woman and then cutting her body.

He later confessed to murdering a Norse girl and an Israeli tourist. Not stopping there, he also confessed to murdering several people who were camping.

The allegations he claims sound very convincing. Bergure Sture was later convicted on 8 counts of aggravated murder. He is also one of the most famous in all of Sweden. However, the story acknowledged by Sture Bergwall is ultimately a lie.

When he confessed to murdering nine-year-old Therese Johannessen, he initially admitted to having blonde hair. But, what he showed was brown hair.

Bergwall's Sture was eventually found guilty despite his own admission. But that doesn't mean all his confessions are credible. All his "confessions" were made while he was in the Psychiatric Hospital and under the influence of the drug benzodiazepin.

Not only that make he easier to speak, Sture Bergwall claimed that the drug made his feel better

"I tell stories more easily and make them believe".

Bergure Sture was eventually forced to spend the rest of his life in Sater Psychiatric Hospital. Sture Bergwall doesn't even talk much. He decides to stop calling himself Thomas Quick and begins to stay away from the media.

This led a Swedish journalist Hannes Rastam, to dig deeper into all the information about Sture and finally find the truth.

As a result of research conducted by Hannes Rastam, all 8 Sture Bergwall confessions were re-examined and finally Sture Bergwall was released from Sater in March 2014.

However, the heirs of the victims of Sture Bergwall's victims are still asking who the real killer is.

Sture Bergwall himself wished the whole family to go to court and express their hopes and disappointments as it was proven that Sture Bergwall never killed anyone, even though he was trying his best to lie.

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