Cut Own Hand To Survive

This tragic story took place in 2003, when Aron Ralston was planning to climb on his own on a steep cliff top in Blue John Canyon near Maob, Utah. Aron Ralston is from Aspen, Colorado, a graduate of engineering and music who has worked for five years at Intel.

Ralston is an avid hiker. Ralston once fell off his bike while traveling to the place he wanted to go. Although he fell, he still looked happy and enjoyed the pain he was having while filming his video camera with him.

As Ralston was looking down from the summit, he saw two female climbers who looked like they were looking for a way. He then tried to rebuke them and it turned out that both climbers had gone astray. Ralston volunteered to show the road while taking them to an underground pool.

The highlight of the fun at the pool is as they make their way down the canyon slopes and plunge into the beautiful blue pool. After having fun with the two foreign climbers, Ralston embarked on his own journey to accomplish his ultimate mission of climbing the cliffs of the Blue John Canyon.

Arriving at one location, Ralston tried to go down a narrow canyon without equipment (free body). As he was descending, suddenly the stone he held slipped and he fell with the stone but luckily when a stone weighing more than 362kg just struck his right hand and caused him to bleed.

Ralston paused for a moment and his hands were still in shock. He tried to pull his hand out, but he couldn't. He tried to lift the stone, but failed. He tried to calm himself down by removing all the equipment he had brought, such as static rope, sling rope, carabina, harness, water bottle, versatile knife, head lamp, video camera and some food packs.

He then opens the video camera and captures his own situation at the time. As he spoke to himself with the video camera, the sand suddenly fell from above. He kept shouting for help as much as he could. But no response. When he stopped screaming, the mood returned. Silently, only his own breath sounded like it was about to be cut off.

Ralston almost gave up, and went back to staring at the video camera he had just installed. He paused for a moment and pressed the 'rewind' button on his video camera and for a moment he hit the 'play' button again. Looking back at the scenes of anxiety, he realized something that he was about to lose, almost desperate.

Awaking from the daydreams, he whispered to himself that he could not give up. There is still hope of escape. He needs to survive! Ralston scrambled to scrape the stone from his hand. But his efforts failed and the situation became more critical when the blade he used to scrape the stone was blunt.

His first day ended as he spent the night hanging in the canyons in the cold.

The next day, Ralston again looked for a way to free his hand from the rock. There are different ways he does it, but it's all find a dead end. Water supply is also decreasing. On the third and fourth days, Ralston had to 'survive' by drinking his own urine.

When he is alone in a state of helplessness, he begins to remember all his carelessness and mistakes. He was disappointed to find no Swiss Army knife as he prepared to go to Blue John Canyon. He also remembers the Gatorade water he had left in the truck and regretted his mother's unanswered call to Blue John Canyon.

Ralston kept trying, this time he trying to cut off his hand but it was a bit difficult because of the blunt blade. As he tried to 'survive,' he repeatedly imagined his family, his girlfriend and his friends. He also tries to entertain himself by talking to himself in front of a video camera.

On the fifth day, things got worse. Ralston is running out of resources to help him survive. At that time he was determined to break his own arm bone. Then he put a blunt knife into his arm and tried to tear the deep wound with one hand.

Ralston then used a play on his blunt knife to cut off his tendons and nerves. Ralston finally managed to cut off his own hand. In a state of extreme pain, he quickly wrapped his covered arm around and ran out of the narrow canyon.

But he still couldn't breathe a sigh of relief when the path he encountered required him to climb a cliff above 100 feet. With the help of the rope that he carried with him on his way out, he finally managed to 'survive' completely.

Ralston was later assisted by a Dutch family of Eric and his partner Monique Meijer and their son, Andy, who was on vacation in the Mountain. A helicopter then took Ralston away from there after seeing the family signal by waving at them.

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