Dad From "Hell"

The story begins 1983 in Vienna Austria, a 15-year-old girl trying to escape from home. Her family made a police report. 3 weeks later police found her again.

Elisabeth Fritzl is her name. At the age of 11, she was already the victim of the sexual abuse of her own father Josef Fritzl.

But she never told anyone. It was only at the age of 15 that she got the opportunity to attend training as a waiter at the A1 autobahn. Being able to study and sleep with her friends Elisabeth felt it was a chance for her to run away and start a new life. But unfortunately the attempt failed.

August 28, 1984, her father asks for her help in installing the basement door of their home. Josef then covered his daughter's mouth with chloroform and dragged her to the carefully planned secret room.

Josef Fritzl is actually a former engineer. He is also an influential figure in the local community. With his reputation he managed to obtain a local authority permit to renovate his house.

Unknowingly Josef also modified a soundproofed basement with a kitchen, refrigerator, television, VCR and bathroom.

Everything has been slowly building since 1978. Elisabeth was chained and locked. She was forced to write a letter saying she had run away and joined a heresy.

Josef drove 100 miles and posted the letter to his own home. Since then the life of Elisabeth's underground vault has begun.

1989, Elisabeth gives birth to Kerstin's first child. Imagine in a damp room Elisabeth was only provided with maternity manuals, towels and scissors.

1990, 2nd son Stefan is born.

1993, Lisa's third child is born. Often crying, her condition worsened. Josef decided to put her in a basket in front of the door with a handwritten note. Lisa was later hospitalized and diagnosed with a heart problem. She was later raised on the upper floor of house.

1994, the fourth child Monika was born. Monika was also taken upstairs. As the children grew older and more, Elisabeth sought to expand the cellar, the cellar was later enlarged. So they have children digging the ground every day.

1996, a pair of twins Alexander and Michael were born. Michael had trouble breathing. The second day he passed away. His body was burned by Josef to ashes. Alexander was raised upstairs using the same modus operandi.

December 2003 Felix 7th child was born.

In April 2008, Kerstin's first child became ill. He was 19 years old at the time. Elisabeth begged to be taken to the hospital. Josef finally got along. In the hospital the treating doctor becomes strange with the condition of the patient. Most of his teeth were badly damaged and his skin was too pale, there was no medical record, doctors immediately lodged a police report. They also made the announcement on television that they needed Kerstin's guardian to appear for Kerstin's medical help. Elisabeth, who was watching the television in the cellar, begged Josef to take her to the hospital.

Josef takes Elisabeth out on a strict terms. After consulting with the police, the police interrogated Elisabeth. Elisabeth initially refuses to cooperate, after being threatened with separation from her son, Elisabeth eventually leaks a secret. The case of Elisabeth's disappearance 24 years ago was reopened.

At the end of April 2008, Josef was arrested, a charge was made. He was convicted and found guilty of confining and raping his own daughter 3000 times for 24 years, giving birth to 7 children and killing (Michael). March 19, 2009, a life sentence was sent to Josef Fritzl.

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