Doorless Village In India

Believe it or not, a village with around 300 buildings around it, none of which has a door. The houses, schools, hotels and banks in the area also had no doors.

Not only that building, but most of the public restrooms in Shani Shingnapur area also have no doors.

Shani Shingnapur is a village of about 5000 people. The doorless here was well known in the 1990s, when it was featured in a movie about religion. This Shani Shingnapur village is located in Maharashtra.

Although some houses have doors installed, they do so only at night for the purpose of preventing wild animals like dogs from entering their homes while the occupants are in a deep sleep.

One of the problems that homeowners face in the absence of a door is that they do not know when guests are coming to their home. But they solved it with a guest will had to scream so the owner will know.

They do not need a door to safety measures because of the strong local belief in Shani, the god Saturn.

According to a legend that has been around for 300 years, After heavy rains and floods, a huge black rock was found near the Panasnala River, which once crossed the village.

When the villagers (another version of a herder) touched the 1.5-meter-long stone with a stick, blood spilled out of the stone.

At nightfall, the god Shani came to the dream of the villagers and said that the stone was his rock. The god then ordered the people there to keep the stone because "his soul" would remain in the rock.

But the Lord asked for a condition, that the stone could not be closed because he had to see the village without obstacle. Then the god Shani said that the villagers there would no longer need to put up their doors, because he would protect them from all kinds of dangers.

The locals believe that if anyone commits a sin in the village, they will face punishment by 'the God and their lives will be bad for seven and a half years.

To this day, the five-foot-tall stone is still worshiped and placed in an open area. According to the locals, thieves, robbers, even drunkards would never come here, "Even if they came, they would not dare to do sin.

It is said that anyone who comes here and commits sin will be punished immediately as it will result in mental disorder, blindness, chronic illness and more.

Not only do they visit from all over India, but they also visit tourists from all over the world to take a closer look at this unique place.

Although Shani Shingnapur's reputation is said to have been free from thefts for centuries, it was reported in 2010 that there is lost cash and other valuables worth $ 567 missing from a vehicle.

But a resident of Sayaram Bankar said the incident happened outside the village. In 2011, a tourist claimed her jewelry worth $ 1,135 was stolen from a locked closet in a guardian's house.

In addition, many small theft cases were reported several years later. According to local police, several cases of money and vehicle theft are still happening in the village.

Some people have now ignored the legend and started to open doors in homes and buildings but with no keys in the city. This is because, they don't want to risk it. This village story has been featured in a documentary titled "The village with no locks or doors"

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