From Addicted To Online Games To Becoming A Millionaire

In the early stages, Itthipat Peeradechapan or Top was a normal teenager. Like most other teens, Top has a hobby of playing online games. At 16, he became addicted to online games until he neglected his studies.

The computer in his room is over 3 units and he uses it to play online games. However, it was this hobby that first introduced Top into the business world.

Top earns money by selling items of his weapons in online games. With this business, Top managed to reach 1 million Baht and buy a 6,000 Baht car.

However, as this is a banned business, it does not last long. His online game account was blocked because he was found to have made a sale and purchase transaction. With money left over from his savings, Top turned to the electronics business.

But his efforts also failed. Top was cheated, all the electronics he sold were actually fake and his money couldn't be returned.

At the same time, his family went bankrupt and left 40 million Baht in debt, resulting in his family's foreclosure.

When Top was 17, he was out of school and became a chesnut seller with his uncle. He strives to find a good and effective sales strategy to make his business thrive.

Top also did some experiments to get the best recipes for his bean products to have a special and unique taste. Having made a profit, Top opened a peanut shop in a supermarket and expanded his business to a large extent.

However, the business was tested again when Top's fried peanut machine emitted smoke and polluted the supermarket's roof. The supermarket management asked Top to close his store and cancel the store contract they had made.

At the moment, Top seems desperate for life to be furthered when he is denied admission to a local University and can only go to a private University as a result of his failure to attend school.

Despite being bankrupt and surrounded by debt, Top's parents continue to work hard for their son to continue his education. Top is a "good" boy, he turned down the help of his parents, saying he would make every effort to fund his own college. He didn't want to bother his family.

Top was able to continue his studies after mortgaging his father's charms that he stole. After experiencing a failure in the bean business, Top returned to his brain.

He then came up with a new idea of selling fried seaweed. Top started his business from the scratch. Every effort to grow his business is done by himself.

He went to find his own seaweed and learned how to fry it to make it taste better and unique. He also learned how to make fried seaweed to be preserved over a long period of time.

To learn and grow his business, Top has raised over 100 thousand Baht. Not only that, after finding the perfect recipe for his fried seaweed, Top came back to his senses to find a way to market this product.

Finally, he was inspired to sell his fried seaweed products at the 7-Eleven minimarket. However, this time Top was tested again. 7-Eleven has a high standard for making Top products available for sale in the market.

He was asked to improve the quality of the product and to have a factory in order to meet the large quota.

Top did his best to meet 7-Eleven's demands, but he continued to find dead end. Top seemed to give up once again and thought about leaving for China with his parents.

But before leaving for China, Top again made his last attempt to fulfill the demands of 7-Eleven. With no capital, Top applied for a loan to the Bank. However, this time Top was tested again when the Bank rejected his request for not being old enough.

Top was just 19 when he wanted to open the seaweed factory. Eventually Top had to sell his used car he bought from the online games business.

Top opened a small factory to make fried seaweed at his family's remaining office. His efforts and hard work this time were not in vain.

With all its might, Top was able to meet all the requirements of 7-Eleven so his products could be sale at 7-Eleven in Thailand.

In the two years since that day, Top has finally repaid all of his family's debts and managed to take back his family home.

Now, at the age of 26, his fried seaweed product called "Tao Kae Noi" is Thailand's best-selling fried seaweed.

The fried seaweed has also been certified Halal by the Central of Islammic of Thailand and has now entered into other countries such as, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and the United States. Top Products are now the top snacks and are also available on the popular Amazon page.

This Top Product earns 800 million Baht a year and employs about 2000 employees and Top has always diversified its products with a tasty, crisp, unique flavor.

"You can be weak, but never give up to ensure your business continues" - Itthipat Peeradechapan.

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