Human Sacrifice in Mexico in 1989

The spring of 1989 was Mark James Kilroy's last spring. He and two of his friends, who are undergraduate students in Texas, crossed the US-Mexico border to Matamoros, a small Mexican state.

(Mark Kilroy)

Matamoros is a place for festivals by many students from various Universities because in Matamoros they are allowed to drink liquor at the age of 16.

After a party, Mark Kilroy and his friends decided to return to Texas. On the way to the parking lot, Mark Kilroy indicated he wanted to go to the restroom for a moment. However, he never appeared again.

George Gavito is the Brownsville Deputy Sheriff who is handling Mark's missing case. One day, Gavito came to the office of Juan Benitez Ayala a police chief assigned to the Matamoros district to ask for cooperation.

At Juan Benitez's office, Gavito had seen Serafin Hernandez, a man he had met several months before in connection with a drug case. According to Juan Benitez, Serafin Hernandez was arrested for possessing 250 pounds of drugs found in a cottage in a Mexican desert called Rancho Santa Elena.

(George Gavito)

Juan Benitez also said that when the cottage was searched, police not only found drugs, but also witchcraft equipment with lots of candles, bottles of whiskey, and a large pan in the middle of the room.

A few days later, Juan Benitez reported to Gavito that he had found Mark Kilroy who had been buried in the same spot when Serafin Hernandez was arrested.

Serafin Hernandez is under investigation again and he confesses that he kidnapped Mark Kilroy. The kidnapping was conducted at the behest of Adolfo Constanzo, a man called by his followers El Padrino or The Godfather.

Adolfo Constanzo has assigned him to look for a student. Adolfo Constanzo plans to sacrifice the brain of Mark Kilroy to become part of his witchcraft.

On April 11, 1989, the sandy area outside the Matamoros was restored. Serafin Hernandez shows where Mark Kilroy was buried and on top of a wire hanger. Serafin Hernandez explains that Adolfo Constanzo wants to make a necklace from Mark Kilroy's spine.

(Serafin Hernandez)

After Mark Kilroy was killed, the wire was inserted through the spinal cord. So when the corpse was dry only the bone left. In addition to the body of Mark Kilroy, 22 other bodies have not been identified.

While searching the Constanzo residence in Mexico City, police found a secret torture room. But Constanzo managed to escape until he was found on May 6, 1989. He later panicked and fired shots at the police and a shooting between police and Constanzo with his men begun.

Constanzo was later found dead when police managed to break into his safe house. In the aftermath of the autopsy, a dozen bullets were recovered from police shootings while several of his men were arrested and charged with murder in Rancho Santa Elena.

(Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo)

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo was a murderer, drug dealer, and leader in the cult of Narcosatanists. Adolfo Constanzo began to recognize black magic when he accompanied his mother, Delia Aurora Gonzales, to Haiti to study Vodoo.

As a teenager, he practiced a religion called Palo Mayombe, which used animals as a ritual of sacrifice. As he grew older, he moved to Mexico.

(illustration of Kilroy during his abduction)

Together with his three followers, they run a business related to black magic this time using more expensive animals such as snakes, goats, striped horses, and lions, as a ritual of presentation.

Over time, the rituals he and his followers performed were not just animals, but also involved the human bones that Adolfo Constanzo obtained by digging in the cemetery.

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