Hundreds Of City Residents Killed Because Of The Witches

The hatred for witchcraft had once plagued the government in Salem City. The city government is capable of killing its own people who are accused of witchcraft. Salem is a town located in Massachussets, United States.

The city was founded in 1629. In 1941, Salem became part of the British Colonies. That is why British rule is enforced in this city as well. One of the laws in place is the ban on practicing witchcraft.

The law has caused about 150 Salem residents to lose their lives. Hundreds of Salem residents accused of witchcraft have been arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to death despite all the charges made without solid and clear evidence.

The story of the massacre of hundreds of people in the city of Salem begins with a fight between Martha Goodwin and Goode Glover in 1688. Martha and her family suffer from a rare disease. Glover was later arrested after being accused of witchcraft against the Martha Goodwin family.

After being arrested, a priest named Cotton Mather met with Glover to force Glover to admit her act immediately, otherwise she would be sentenced by a local court.

While the sentence had not yet been implemented, something strange happened when Glover's face and body changed into scary. Many people suspect this is because of the practice of witchcraft. In 1692, a similar incident hit many girls, including Abigail Williams, Elizabeth Parris, and Putnam Jr.

In mid-February 1692, the doctors said that the disease was caused by magic. In May 1692, due to numerous charges related to magic, the court finally made a public hearing in Salem City.

Hundreds of people were sentenced to imprisonment, suspended to death, and some were burned alive.

Five years later, a city court in Salem pleaded guilty to arrest and sentence hundreds of people without clear evidence.

This cruel event is known as The Salem Witch Trial. To commemorate it, a Museum called The Salem Witch Museum was created. At this museum, visitors will re-discover the city of Salem in 1692. The city of Salem is now a city for tourists to visit.

There is still a house owned by Judge Jonathan Corwin who was one of the judges in The Salem Witch Trials. The house was called The Witch House.

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