Kleenex Ads That Caused Mystery In Japan

In 1985, a tissue manufacturer Kleenex released an ad on Japanese television. At first, the ad didn't show any problems. Like other ads, it broadcasts over a set period of time between television broadcasting companies and advertisers.

However, shortly thereafter, Kleenex's advertisements resulted in each of them directly and indirectly receiving harm. Among them are two of the main adverts of the tissue ad: Keiko Matsuzaka and the little boy who plays the demon baby.

Keiko Matsuzaka was reported to be suffering from depression and had to be hospitalized. However, there are rumors that she was pregnant with a devil's baby (Rosemary’s baby) or in other words she was bewitched. In fact, it failed to prove either from Matsuzaka's own mouth or hospital medical report.

Children who play the role of demon baby have received a much worse fate when the unfortunate baby was reported to have died suddenly after the ad was made public.

The death of the child raised a thousand questions as to whether the ad was really 'life-threatening.

Not enough there, this ad also haunts anyone who sees it and listens to it. It is said that the songwriting in the ad can change over time. Sometimes it sounds sweet, sometimes it sounds jarring and sometimes it sounds a bit creepy.

Usually, this occurs when the ad is served at night. To viewers who hear and see this ad in a scary and jarring voice, it gives a bad omen.

According to some fans of the mystery and conspiracy elements, the song sung by a beautiful woman (performed by Keiko Matsuzaka) has been diplomatic from the religious lyrics of ethnic paganism in Germany in the past. The lyrics are a key element that makes Kleenex's ad mystery.

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