Luxury Dish' With Full Controversy From French

Foie gras is a luxury dish in French specialty restaurants. The process of making it is long, complicated, and controversial. The taste of this so-called foie gras comes from the suffering of the geese.

In order to grow his heart fat, the geese will be forced to eat constantly. This is done up to 700 to 900 grams from the normal weight of 85-70 grams. This is by putting metal pipe into the mouth and then passing the food through the throat to the geese.

This process is called force-feeding, which is done four times a day for four or five months before the geese is slaughtered. The food provided is usually made from corn. As a result, for one pound of liver, the value will reach 100-200 Euros.

The geese raised to produce foie gras spend the last two weeks of their lives in a narrow enclosure.

This situation indirectly forces the geese to stay in one position to avoid consuming energy and food that is excessively fed quickly into fat.

This condition makes the unfortunate goose's feet swollen because they have to stand for so long. They have no chance to sleep because they will be forced to eat again.

As a result, many have criticized the process of making foie gras dishes. It cannot be enjoyed in other countries such as Turkey, Denmark, and so on.

However, foie gras is still produced in some countries at large, considering how to get the goose by forcing the goose to eat it is one of the culinary arts.

They say that even if force-feeding is not done, they will still end up in slaughterhouses for human consumption.

The surviving geese will have bleeding in the anus.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), foie gras is considered an unhealthy food for humans because it contains high fat. In fact, each 60 grams of foie gras contains 25 grams of fat and 85 milligrams of cholesterol.

How miserable this geese's life was ... they were forced to stand and forced to eat too much to death. Look at the excess food coming out of this goose's mouth. So sad!

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