Murderer Make Burger From His Victims

Crazy Cannibal, that's the title of a guy named Joe Metheny. This is because Joe raped, killed, and eaten their meat. Joe Roy Metheny was born in 1955. In 1994, Joe Metheny worked as an expedition truck driver.

That job forced Joe to leave town for a long time. Meanwhile, his son and his wife lived in their home in South Baltimore.

One day, Joe came home and found that his wife and son had left. Joe admits that his first murder was motivated by his wife's neglect of their children because his wife was a drug addict.

After six months of being separated from his wife, Joe, who kept his temper and lived in stress, finally decided to go find his ex-wife.

However, for failing to find his ex-wife, he vented his anger by killing two homeless men with an ax and cutting them apart.

Joe then killed three others over a period of time to find out where his ex-wife was. Joe continued to kill and the next victim were two women named Kimberly Spicer and Catherine Ann Magaziner.

Joe confessed to killing Kimberly and Catherine before cutting them and putting their meat in the tupperware stored in his truck. Later, he decided to open a barbeque shop on the Maryland side of the road.

Joe grilled the meat of the victims and sold to people in the Maryland area. Thus, indirectly, Joe has made some Maryland communities into cannibals!

Joe told the local police that no customer complained about his meat being weird. In fact, no one noticed that the burger had a little extra in it.

According to Joe, "the human body tastes very much like pork. If you mix it then no one can distinguish it"

The murder story of Joe ends with about nine (maybe 10) people being killed. Joe was arrested in December 1996 in Baltimore.

In his confession to the police, Joe Metheny admitted that he also killed two sex workers and a fisherman who accidentally caught him while he was chopping his prey.

The last victim was Rita Kemper. She's the one who made the police succeed in arresting Joe after she escaped after being kidnapped by Joe.

Police later found the facts of the case more horrific. When Joe kills Catherine Magaziner, he cuts Catherine's body and buries her body somewhere.

Six months later, he returned to the place where he had disposed of Catherine's body, unloaded Catherine's grave and taken and cleaned her skull. Joe then had sex with Catherine's bones.

In 1996, Joe Metheny entered the United States criminal record. Joseph Roy Metheny was found guilty and sentenced to death.

However, the death sentence that was abolished in 2000 turned into a life sentence. In 2017, he was found dead in his prison cell at the age of 62.

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