Mysterious Creatures Attack In City of London 19th Century

For almost 7 decades, England has been haunted by mysterious creatures. This creature attacks the inhabitants in the dark of night. With its ugly appearance, this mysterious creature is said to be able to jump over a high fence or wall and disappear quickly. This mysterious creature is known as the Spring Heeled Jack.

In the 19th century in the city of London, news broke out of the Spring Heeled Jack attack. This attack occurred in 1837 in which the creature carried out attacks mostly on women at night.. At first, the townspeople thought the mystery invaders were ordinary people.

However, according to reports of several victims, these creatures are described as supernatural beings with fiery red eyes, flaming mouths, ear-shaped ears, and of course their abilities beyond ordinary human ability.

The nickname Spring Heeled Jack is not just fun. These mysterious creatures are reported to be able to jump even over high fences. Although his appearance resembles that of humans, many believe that this mysterious creature is the embodiment of evil.

The first report of Jack's appearance was in 1837 October in London. A woman named Mary Stevens walked to Lavender Hill.

As she passed Clapham Common, she saw a stranger suddenly attacking her. Mary Stevens then screamed and Jack disappeared into the darkness of night.

The next day, Jack attacked another person. According to some witnesses who saw it, Jack was described to be about 9 feet tall and escaped quickly jumping over high walls.

Reports of Jack with the ability to jump outdoors are usually the focus of the local media by naming him "Spring Heeled Jack". On January 9, 1938 a few months after the report on the appearance of the Spring Heeled Jack-Mayor of London, Sir John Cowan held a public meeting to discuss the attacks of the Spring Heeled Jack. The meeting was held at the Mansion House.

The Jane Alsop assault case is one of the few Spring Heeled Jack assault cases and even the most notorious case of Jane Alsop. Reports of an attack on Jane Alsop were published in the leading newspaper "The Times".

On February 19, 1938, Jane was inside her house, and suddenly there was a voice behind the door announcing that he was a police officer and asking for candles from Jane. Back then, the room at Jane's house was very dark. As Jane lighted the candle, she saw the creature standing in front of her.

The creature wears a large hat. Not only that, the creature also has red eyes and emits blue and white fire from its mouth. The Times published this attack on Jane Alsop on March 2, 1938, entitled "The Late Outrage At Old Ford".

Following that widespread news in the mass media, Thomas Millbank's name began to be touted and suspected as the man behind the Spring Heeled Jack. The costume worn by Spring Heeled Jack and Jane's candle were found outside Millbank's home. Millbank was later arrested at Lambert Street Court.

In the 1870s Spring Heeled Jack was reported to appear in several places. In 1877 he was reported to have appeared in Aldershot and Lincolnshire. Meanwhile, in 1888, the Spring Heeled Jack was reported to have appeared again in Everton, North Liverpool.

According to reports, he was seen on the roof of Saint Francis Xavier's church on Salisbury Road and in 1904 he was reported to have reappeared on William Henry Street. From its emergence in 1837 to the early 1900's, many theories have tried to explain Jack.

Judging by the time of its appearance, it would have been impossible for this Spring Heeled Jack to be human. How have human beings been involved in attacks for almost 70 years? As a result, various theories have emerged regarding this case.

The first theory states that this Spring Heeled Jack is actually just a follow-up. This theory explains that the initial attacks were actually carried out by the original Spring Heeled Jack. But a few years after the attacks were carried out by those who tried to imitate him.

A story appeared in the early 1840s. The news says that an Irish nobleman named Henry de La Poer Beresfors, who is a Marquess of Waterford III is suspected to have been a key figure in several assaults in the name of Spring Heeled Jack. He was reported to have committed various acts of crime and cruelty to some women until he was nicknamed The Mad Marquis.

Another theory states that the Spring Heeled Jack is a supernatural being that has a human form but has incredible abilities such as high jump and the ability to extinguish fire from his mouth. But to this day, exactly who Spring Heeled Jack is remains a mystery that for centuries has kept the question mark going.

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