Mystery Of Number 13 "Bad luck"

When construction work on 56 Leonard Street in Manhattan, New York, United States is completed within two years, the skyscraper will be equipped with a variety of amenities including a 22.8-square-foot swimming pool and library space.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal news portal, what the 60-storey luxury building does not have is level 13. The situation is surprising but it's a strange phenomenon that is found in most buildings especially in European countries.

One study found that only five percent of the 1,500 condominiums in Manhattan and Brooklyn had a floor of 13. The rest of them rated the 'haunted' number as a 14th floor so that no resident was burdened by addressing the unfortunate number.

The study of phobias on the number 13 was called 'Triskaidekaphobia' while the phobia on the 13th day of the fall on Friday was known as 'paraskavedekatriaphobia' or 'friggatriskaidekaphobia'.

A study in the British Medical Journal, published in 1993, found that the rate of road accidents increased on Friday the 13th day of the month compared to the other Friday.

In the journal, the author compared the ratio of total traffic to the number of car accidents on two different days, the sixth Friday and the 13th Friday of the year.

One of its authors, Scanlon TJ claims that hospital admissions increased 52 percent on Friday the 13th compared to other Fridays.

“Friday the 13th is a sad day for some individuals. The risk of hospitalization from accidents is also increasing. We suggest it is best to stay home alone, ”he said.

The belief in Western society that the number 13 is an unfortunate number is said to have originated in Norse myths that tell the story of the 13 gods attending a banquet at Valhalla - a place where warrior spirits dared to 'go' after their death.

It is said that while the other 12 gods were eating, Loki came, the god who was not invited to the ceremony. Loki was considered the 13th guest at the ceremony and was the main planner of the Balder assassination, a god of joy.

Balder's death is believed to have made the world dark and the world's first winter. The phobia was further reinforced by a number of strange incidents involving Friday that fell on that day.

Among them were the arrest and assassination of Knights Templar troops in the Crusades that occurred on Friday, October 13, 1307 and the reign of King Saxon Harold II ending after his assassination by the Duke of Normandy, William on Friday, October 13, 1066.

Additionally, the moon-bound expedition on the Apollo 13 aircraft was considered unsuccessful as it was number 13 and flown at 1.13pm on April 11, 1970.

The phobias of the figure also hit professionals and intellectuals. As a result, there are airlines that do not provide passenger seats number 13, construction companies that do not build buildings that have a 13th floor, 13th door or 13th floor premises.

The US Department of Phobia and Stress Management in North Carolina said that various industries in the country lost between US $ 800 to US $ 900 million on Friday, falling on 13th, as many residents refused to board a flight or leave home that day.

Myth 13, believed to be a day of catastrophe or bad luck, has also been revived by Hollywood filmmakers such as the Friday 13th movie featuring Jason Voorhees as the villain.

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