Ottoman Empire, Elite Infantry Units Sentenced To Death

Janissari or called Janizary, in Turkish, Yeniçeri means "new army" is an elite Ottoman Empire infantry. They were the most trusted sultanate and royal family of the Ottoman government. This group was first established in the reign of Sultan Murad I (1362–1389).

The Janissari were Christian children from the Ottoman conquest area. They were mostly Greek, living in Anatolia and the Balkans. Janissari's army was selected at the age of six and was subsequently given military training.

A small number of these selected children, if considered talented, will receive better education to be trained as guardians (royal officials in charge of a country) architects, doctors and physicists.

They still earn a decent wage and are well positioned in society. Janissari received specialized training in order to move quickly in the event of a crash. They were stationed in various cities in the Ottoman Turkish empire.

Although they were originally part of the army, they were also deployed in various Ottoman warships as security forces. Jannisari was initially prepared as an archer. In close combat, they also used ax and sword kills.

When not at war, Jannisari usually supplied only Yatagan daggers and swords while guarding the royal palace. In the 1440s, Jannisari began supplying with simple firearms.

As an Infantry carrying a rifle, it was proven to make Jannisari more effective than cavalry equipped with swords and spears. Janissari is a soldier who is paid in full for cash during the war or not. In the war, they also received part of the spoils.

Janissari's forces lasted until the end of the 19th century only after they rejected the modernization of the military system by the Ottoman Turkish government. Another reason for the dissolution of the forces was that they carried out many coups around the 17th and 18th centuries.

One of Janissari's acts was on June 15, 1826, when 135,000 Janissari revolted against Sultan Mahmud's power. The team eventually failed to survive the massacre of Janissari being killed and sent to prison.

On top of this rebellion, Sultan Mahmud II sentenced to death about 6000 Jannisari. The team was subsequently disbanded in 1826 to form a more modern union.

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