Researchers Believe Aliens Observe The Earth

Since the 1950s, a strange satellite is believed to have orbited the earth. This satellite called the Black Knight has sparked controversy. Some say that these satellites are just trash in space, while UFO observers believe that this mysterious object is none other than a satellite created by aliens.

In the 1950s, coinciding with the year when news of the Black Knight Satellite was being talked about, a physicist named Enrico Fermi and his team discussed the possibility of civilization or other life outside the planet we inhabit today.

Fermi wonders, if creatures like aliens exist, why isn't anyone coming to visit the earth? Thus the discovery of satellites referred to as belonging to space beings seems to answer that there are other civilizations outside of civilization besides humans.

The origin of these alien-created satellites is said to have originated after a radio experiment conducted by Nikola Tesla in 1899 at his laboratory in Colorado Springs. Tesla says he has successfully received radio waves coming from space.

Because of these Tesla words, it makes people think that there are indeed aliens in the world. After Tesla received the mysterious signal, it was several years later that strange signals were received more frequently on earth.

A few years later, an engineer named Jorgen Hals from Norway said he received a signal and a mysterious echo. This mysterious signal was later believed by them to be the same signal that Tesla received in 1899.

The echo sounded like a bounce several times for a few moments before finally disappearing. Some UFO researchers claim that the signal comes from an alien-made satellite that has orbited the earth for more than 13,000 years.

They also believe the satellite was sent from a star named Epsilon Bootis. This is why UFO observers later say that the Black Knight Satellite is one of the clearest and most convincing evidence of the existence of aliens outside the planet.

News of the first time Black satellites were seen was published in The New York Times in 1954.

At that time, the newspaper in his article mentioned that Dr. Lincoln La Paz has discovered two satellites orbiting the earth. But strangely enough, not a single country launched their satellite that year. So where did that mysterious satellite come from?

The theory then came up with the idea that aliens were observing the earth. There is also a theory that the Black Knight was the work of the Soviet Union to defeat America. By the end of the 1950s, both countries were in contention.

Both countries want to place their satellites in orbit. In 1960, a United States Air Force radar detects the presence of unknown objects. Then they concluded that the satellite belonged to the Soviet spy satellite and made America afraid.

In 1961, a man named Jacques Vallee, who worked in an observatory captured a satellite signal. According to the evidence, there is an unidentified object that is moving in opposite directions to the earth's rotation.

The problem was, at that time no technology was able to place satellites at that location. This later confirms that the alien object is a real UFO!

In addition to Valee, an astronaut saw this Black Knight satellite as it orbited the Earth 15 times. He's Gordon Cooper. According to Cooper's evidence, the object emitted a green ray that seemed to signal to him.

In 1998, an object known as the Black Knight Satellite was finally captured during the STS-88 mission. The image of this unknown object became a mystery for many years. Towards the end of 2015, there was a video titled "Black Knight Satellite UFO Documentary-Truth Exposed".

The documentary states that the Black Knight satellites referred to as alien satellites are actually NASA's only heat blankets. A journalist named James Oberg said the possibility of the Black Knight was actually a thermal blanket. This is because, of course, there were heat blankets that were lost during the NASA mission.

This claim was also confirmed by astronauts Jerry Ross and James H. Newman. The heat blanket, which looks like a satellite, has undergone a series of changes while flying and spinning in space.

This is also confirmed by NASA because most people do not know the shape of the heat blanket. But Nasa's statement has sparked dissatisfaction with UFO researchers.

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